Father dons Julius Caesar costume at school board meeting to make point about teacher’s gender-fluid outfits

A Concord, New Hampshire father, showed up at a school board meeting Monday dressed as Julius Caesar to drive home the point that CSD Superintendent Kathleen Murphy […]

Disney CEO announces cost cutting measures, will reportedly slash 7,000 jobs

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that cost-cutting is coming to the entertainment giant, from theme parks to film and TV to streaming services, with an emphasis on […]

Rioters beware: NC bill pushing harsher punishments for violent agitators awaits gov signature

For the second time in three years, North Carolina lawmakers have approved further severe punishments for rioters, prompted by the violent protests in 2020 following the death […]

African reporter booted from WHCA accuses KJP of trying to ‘silence’ him over tough questions

Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba accused White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of not only silencing him but punishing him for asking tough questions. Ateba said […]

Investigators complete probe into bikini-clad exotic dancer exiting San Jose firetruck

San Jose investigators have officially completed their probe into a bikini-clad stripper hopping out of a firetruck in front of the Pink Poodle strip club that went […]

Maggie Haberman reins in rabid Dem expectations on ‘exotic’ Trump indictment

The question of Donald Trump being indicted by witch-hunting Democratic prosecutors ahead of the 2024 presidential election has always been about when rather than if and […]

Dolly Parton’s sister swats at hornet nest with Twitter rant: ‘White people aren’t all evil’

Dolly Parton’s sister, Stella, is being slammed by incensed leftists as a racist in the wake of a number of what seem to be anti-we tweets including […]

‘I’m on fire. My right leg is gone.’ Fox News’ Benjamin Hall recounts harrowing details of missile attack

Fox News State Department Correspondent Benjamin Hall sat down with Sean Hannity and gave a harrowing account of the terrifying moment he and his news crew came […]

Black family wins $8.25M lawsuit over being detained for not showing ID in 2019

A black family consisting of a mother and her two daughters just won an $8.25 million lawsuit against a California county whose deputies allegedly hassled them during […]

Trump to release book exposing private letters from big hitters like Oprah, Hillary, Kim Jong-un and more

Donald Trump is releasing a new bo that will reveal 150 private letters sent to him by celebrities and other public officials that is sure to be […]

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