Cartel bosses apologize to families of ‘Tummy Tuck Four’, tie up kidnappers and leave them in street

The five cartel members responsible for kidnapping four Americans, now known as the “Tummy Tuck Four,” killing two of them during the incident, were tied up and […]

‘That’s thoughtcrime’: MN Republican sounds the alarm over ‘insidious and conniving’ bill

A chilling new proposal that is currently gestating within the Minnesota state legislature was slammed by a Republican lawmaker who warns that changes to existing law that […]

State AG opens probe into ‘racist’ Virginia school over excluding white, Asian students from college prep

A Virginia middle school that tried to restrict access to a college prep course to only black and Hispanic students is now facing the scrutiny of state […]

Video captures shocking moment murder suspect bolts from Oregon courthouse

Only in Oregon? The shocking moment a murder suspect bolted from a Washington County courtroom was caught on camera, with the man managing to elude deputies for […]

Unprepared reporter asks DeSantis about ‘anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-women agenda’ – and oh, boy!

When a reporter disingenuously eed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ team following a rally asking them to comment on his alleged bo bannings, Press Secretary Bryan Griffin clapped […]

First week sales of DeSantis’ book tops Trump, Obama, Clinton

There’s one undisputable fact when it comes to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Republican politician has the nation’s attention — which explains why he’s taking steady fire […]

Swalwell attempts smokescreen to distract Jordan in accountability hearing

Disgraced former House Intelligence Committee Democrat Eric Swalwell isn’t adjusting well to his new role as a member of the minority party and the salty Californian lashed […]

Best political cartoons: Uni-party – Silence Tucker!

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner asks KJP if White House considers ‘Fox News a news organization’

Fox News’ competitors — if you can call them that, given the ratings — are having a field day between the revelations coming out from the $1.6 […]

Kaepernick accuses white adoptive parents of problems with his upbringing, embracing black side

Former NFL star turned racial grievance monger Colin Kaepernick has accused his white adoptive parents of raising him in a “problematic” and essentially racist way. Speaking with […]

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