Eighteen female guards fired or quit over alleged sex romps with inmates, three sentenced to prison

Eighteen female guards were either fired or quit HMP Berwyn, Britain’s largest and cushiest male prison after they were caught hoing up with inmates in wild sex […]

Mark Levin issues full-throated defense of ‘vibrant, vigorous’ Fox News, swings hard at network’s competitors

Amidst rising calls from narrative-peddling leftists determined to squelch the First Amendment that Fox News be censored over coverage of election integrity concerns and Tucker Carlson’s reporting […]

Hysteria over ‘hangman’s noose’ outside medical office doused by police

The hysterical reaction to a piece of rope that was described as a “hangman’s noose” which was hanging from a tree outside of a California medical office […]

Students call on Stanford to fire dean who ambushed judge at law school event

Students at Stanford University are calling on the prestigious school to fire an associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion who ambushed a conservative judge at a […]

KJP blasts Pence’s joke about Buttigieg taking parental leave as ‘homophobic’ and ‘offensive’

The White House has decided to take offense over a je that former Vice President Mike Pence made about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking parental leave when […]

Link between Janet Yellen and SVB collapse jumps out in aftermath

As reflexive leftist fingers pointed to former President Donald Trump to find fault for the current banking collapse, one reporter couldn’t help but notice the link between […]

Trump says Pence is to blame for Jan 6 riot, sets sights on getting ‘big problem’ McConnell ‘the hell out’

Former President Donald Trump went on a tear Monday against the Washington, D.C. swamp and reignited the conflict between himself and supposed allies former Vice President Mike […]

Calif. lawmaker says teachers can’t ‘rat out’ trans kids because it risks ‘violence’ from parents

Concerned parents have plenty of reasons to consider pulling their children from public schools, be it the exposure to radical hard-left ideology in the classroom or bullying […]

Dan Abrams dumps on KJP for spewing ‘gibberish’ in ‘train wreck’ interview on MSNBC

It has long been stated that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is not very good at her job and would be lost if she couldn’t read […]

Best political cartoons of the week: Biden’s budget madness

Cartoons of the week: In case you missed this: