Biden calls for federal legislation to block ‘sinful’ state laws against sexual transitioning of children

Democrats and their fellow left-wingers are in panic mode over the long-overdue pushback against the transgender agenda, particularly “gender-affirming” surgery for children, a practice that has resulted […]

The View host mad at Fox News for making black female Kamala look like ‘some kind of bumbling fool’

“The View” erupted on Monday over an evident feud between Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) with co-host Ana Navarro slamming Fox News for […]

Mother of 3 left paralyzed after thief body slams her to the ground to steal ATM withdrawal

The horrifying moment an Asian woman was body-slammed to the ground during a robbery was captured on video and that woman, a mother of three, was left […]

Crazed Keith Olbermann calls for Tucker’s arrest, says ‘Q Shaman’ lawyer had tapes all along

Former MSNBC commentator and perpetually unhinged Keith Olbermann released his latest call for the arrest of Fox News host Tucker Carlson and this time, he is alleging […]

DeSantis laughs off Trump’s new attacks as the former president compares him to Mitt Romney

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) appeared utterly unfazed during an interview Monday with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade who asked him if he’s worried about being branded by […]

Biden slips up, reveals detail about Jimmy Carter’s health at Dem fundraiser: ‘I shouldn’t say that’

President Joe Biden made heads with yet another of his trademark gaffes, this time slipping up by dishing private details about the health of former President Jimmy […]