AOC exposed: TikTok defense follows BIG Chinese parent company donation to nonprofit she advises

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made her first video on TikT and used the platform to defend the communist Chinese app from being banned nationwide after TikT’s […]

Jon Stewart backs DEI ideology: ‘A salve… to pacify and mollify because we won’t do the real thing’

Comedian Jon Stewart exercised his we bonafides Sunday as he both knocked conservative concern over the prevalence of diversity, inclusion and equity and encouraged leftists to go […]

Satire morphs into reality as nearly 100 Babylon Bee ‘stories’ have prophetically come true

The Babylon Bee’s satire is d by many, many readers and nearly 100 of their heads have at least partially come true, proving that life is stranger […]

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic to mount 2024 presidential bid from jail, says we have our priorities ‘a**-backwards’

Whether or not Joe Exotic could mount a serious campaign from federal prison, the “Tiger King” set forth his 2024 presidential platform with some direct fire at […]

Riley Gaines guts ‘spineless’ ESPN for honoring trans swimmer Lia Thomas for ‘Women’s History Month’

Champion female swimmer Riley Gaines absolutely eviscerated ESPN for a segment the sports channel ran promoting Lia Thomas, a biological male, this weekend during its coverage of […]

Brooke Shields details ex Andre Agassi’s ‘petulant behavior’ after she licked Matt LeBlanc’s hand

Actress Broe Shields made a stunning admission about her ex Andre Agassi’s supposed “petulant behavior” after watching her film an episode of “Friends” that she said led […]

Minnesota Dems advance radical ‘trans refuge’ bill that could strip non-consenting parents of custody

Minnesota lawmakers gave the green light to radical legislation on Thursday that would establish the state as the nation’s first “trans refuge” for children who want to […]

Netanyahu calls Trump’s ‘horrible’ dinner with Kanye West, Nick Fuentes a ‘big mistake’

British journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan sat down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who called former President Trump’s reported dinner with Rapper Kanye West and […]

‘Squad’ members Bush, Pressley behind new LGBTQ-infused ERA caucus, get boost from RINO Murkowski

More than 40 years after it failed to be ratified and 100 years after it was first introduced, progressive Democratic Reps. Cori Bush (Mo.) and Ayanna Pressley […]

Exotic dancers greet Kamala Harris as she arrives in Africa – can visit reboot VP’s trajectory?

Vice President Kamala Harris will have another opportunity to showcase her leadership skills on a trip to Africa where she is spearheading the Biden administration’s efforts to […]

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