Raw footage shows high school brawl that left one student dead, another in the hospital

In another tragic example of what some are calling a parenting epidemic in the nation, a high school student has died after being knifed in a fight […]

Teen charged for murder in gruesome carjacking of grandmother begs for mercy in letter to victim’s family

A New Orleans teenager has been convicted of second-degree murder in the death of a grandmother who had one of her arms violently ripped off during a […]

UFC champion holds violent thug at gunpoint, home surveillance shows

UFC champion Sean Strickland to to social media to a remarkable tale of holding a man at gunpoint outside of his home after the man allegedly […]

Sandmann 2.0: Media accuses innocent young sports fan of ‘black face’, plasters him all over internet

Race hustling reached new heights Monday when corporate media maligned a young football fan’s team spirit as “black face.” “Why is the media so intent on ruining […]

Pence testified misplaced bit of punctuation in his book made J6 claim inadvertently work in Trump’s favor: report

A new report reveals that an errant bit of punctuation made it into testimony former Vice President Mike Pence ivered to the special counsel investigators loing into […]

Young Israeli family seen in viral videos transferred by Hamas to another terror organization

Hamas is reportedly using a 10-month-old Israeli hostage, his 4-year-old brother, and his parents as leverage, transferring them to another terror group rather than release them during […]

Quiet Clinton meeting raises questions

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei had a quiet lunch with Bill Clinton on Monday, prompting some to question why the libertarian leader would sit down with the former […]

‘Real size’ Miss Universe contestant reacts to haters that body shame her

Miss Universe contest’s first “real-size” mo spe out against social media shaming with personal account of “accepting who you are, where you are at.” (Video: Fox News […]

59 bank branches shut down in matter of days

Major banks in the US have suddenly shut down dozens of branches in just the last few days, further indicating the banking industry is facing hard times […]

Jon Lovitz says antisemitism he experienced in Hollywood came ‘from other Jews’

Recent pushback from Hollywood against antisemitism hardly tells the whole story as Jon Lovitz spe about his own experiences, primarily “from other Jews.” (Video: Fox News Digital) […]

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