‘HELLO Democrats!’ Chris Cuomo comes dangerously close to saying he’d vote for Trump

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo raised some eyebrows when he weighed in on the 2024 presidential election, revealing he could potentially consider voting for Donald Trump. Though […]

Rolling Stone sparks firestorm for celebrating death of Henry Kissinger with ‘hateful headline’

Leftists to a break from supporting Hamas and dox children this week to celebrate the death of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger, alegendary American politician and diplomat, reportedly died […]

‘Can this be America?’ Trump calls out judge’s wife moments after gag order is reinstated

Moments after a gag order was reinstated against former President Donald Trump this Thursday, he to to Social to slam the presiding judge’s wife. In the […]

Tennis pro’s interview interrupted when young player collapses on court

A medical emergency during a tennis star’s press conference was caught on video as a young player collapsed on the court. A teenager identified as Jasmine has […]

Vital tunnel blown up in act of ‘sabotage’

A tunnel that is Russia’s primary link to communist China has just been destroyed in an explosion that los like an apparent act of sabotage. The Severomuysky […]

‘Seriously funny’: Leftists mercilessly mocked for vowing to boycott Home Depot over GOP support

The left is trying to whip up a fresh frenzy against Home Depot, calling for boycotts after reports that the home improvementcompany dared to donate $1 million […]

‘Wait, what?’ Reaction split when Trump touts praise from unlikely supporter, DeSantis doesn’t miss a beat

Former President Donald Trump is raising eyebrows with his recent praise of an unlikely supporter, the former leader of Rhode Island’s chapter of Black Lives Matter, Mark […]

‘Concerned’ Speaker Johnson advises Republicans ahead of Santos expulsion vote

A resolution to expel Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) from Congress is set to be voted on Thursday and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has “real reservations” about […]

White House denies RFK Jr protection after restraining order

As the Biden administration has repeatedly refused to provide Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the 2024 presidential hopeful has reportedly had to deal directly […]

That’s not arugula! Woman sues restaurant after she allegedly chews something sickening in her salad

The Chopt Creative Salad Co. is being sued by a Connecticut woman who says she was served a human finger along with her New York lunch. Allison […]

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