‘Just in time for the election’: Signee of Hunter Biden laptop intel letter warns of ‘serious’ terror threat

National security alarms by U.S. officials have triggered warnings that “the terrorism warning lights are blinking red again.” But the latest portents of impending danger to the […]

Surgeon general calls for tobacco-style social media warnings, parental time limits

Calls for a new warning label saw the surgeon general giving social media the tobacco treatment under the favored power grab banner of “an emergency.” (Video Credit: […]

Journalist facing jail time for running excerpts from Nashville trans shooter’s writings

-seeking and transparency threatened the freedom of a Tennessee journalist now facing jail time over his coverage of the Covenant School killer. Since March 27, 2023, when […]

Maryland’s first black governor cites ‘social equity’ in plan to pardon 175K marijuana convictions

“Social equity” was cited as the catalyst for tens of thousands of drug-related pardons as “mass incarceration disparity” remained a focus for the “first Black people to […]

Five years later, four ballot-stuffing officials caught on camera are arrested

Arrests five years in the making didn’t instill confidence in a speedy prosecution after a Connecticut city employee was filmed allegedly stuffing ballot boxes. (Video Credit: Fox […]

Brazen mob of thieves wipe out Calif. jewelry story in under 3 minutes – cops nab 5 fleeing suspects

A Sunnyvale, CA jewelry store was swarmed by 20 would-be robbers armed with hammers who proceeded to smash the place up and steal merchandise in under three […]

Deputies kill Florida teen, 19, who turns gun on his mother after already killing his father

A newly released police bodycam video showed tense moments as a Florida teen who had already shot his father then turned the gun on his mother as […]

Popular ‘Edgars’ haircut linked to crime, prompting calls to ban those rocking ‘gang-influenced’ style

A stigmatized style sparked a social media dispute over the correlation between crime in Texas and “people who just happened to have this same hair cut.” “…you’re […]

Guaranteed basic income programs are spreading across the US

Guaranteed basic income programs are facing funding and legal challenges despite limited success in some regions of the country. More than 100 of the pilot programs have […]

Man using walker to get around steals $11K worth of cigarettes at Walgreens, and he got away!

In a scene that calls to mind the movie Going In Style, which starred Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin as three retirees hatching a plot […]