Santa shortages, increased cost of real Christmas trees may result in holiday cheer deficit

Sprawling inflation has finally reached the North Pole. After Americans had the most expensive Thanksgiving in years, the holidays aren’t easing up. Santa shortages and the increased […]

NYC Ed staffers use threat of deportation to silence Dominican teachers over high rent: report

New York City Department of Education members are effectively extorting Dominican teachers, forcing them to pay inordinate living costs over threats of being deported. Now, a middle […]

Sen calls for ‘new level’ of red flag laws after admitting he has no ‘real facts’ on how Col shooter got the gun

Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper admitted that he doesn’t “have any real facts” about how the Club Q shooter was able to get past the state’s red flag […]

Bill Maher admits ‘there is a rot’ on college campuses, and it ‘comes from academia’

Comedian Bill Maher doesn’t pull any punches. On Friday’s edition of “Real Time,” Maher landed yet another body blow to the ‘left’ as he identified the “rot” […]

Biden quick to call for ban on ‘weapons of war’ after CO Springs nightclub shooting

And yet another cycle of utilizing tragedy to enact policy changes begins. One day after the devastating events in Colorado Springs, Colorado, President Joe Biden released a […]

California community is outraged over ‘Satan Club’ hosting meetings at elementary school

Parents in a California community are incensed by the start of a new club at their children’s elementary school. The program is called the After School Satan […]

Cops reveal new details on stabbing deaths of 4 Idaho students, to include 911 call from inside house

Moscow, Idaho police have revealed new details concerning the quadruple homicide of four University of Idaho students last week. The four college students, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, […]

As Joe Biden celebrates 80th birthday, all eyes on 2024

America now has its first octogenarian serving in the executive office. On November 2oth, President Joe Biden turned 80 years old. On Sunday, President Biden and First […]

Kevin McCarthy reveals actions he will take against Ilhan Omar over ‘antisemitism’ when speaker

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has vowed to make good on his promises of removing Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., from her committee assignments if he becomes Speaker […]

Kevin McCarthy wins nomination for House Speaker despite growing opposition

Although Republicans are set to assume majority control of the House of Representatives – pending the results of a few elections – who should become the […]

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