Report on ideology, interests behind transgenderism reveals ‘staggering’ amount of money involved

According to a newly released report, it appears the extraordinary rise in the number of transgender people in America isn’t entirely organic but rather partly manufactured for […]

Liberal Twitter goes full Scooby Doo, torches Alito as suspected SCOTUS leaker; justice denies ‘false’ claim

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is getting skewered on by liberals who are convinced he is the one who leaked the explosive draft opinion of the […]

Smollett 2.0? Vegan food truck owner charged with arson, insurance fraud over ‘hate crime’ claim

A prominent food-truck owner in San Diego who claimed to be a victim of “a shocking series of hate crimes” is now facing charges of arson and […]

Adam Schiff throws tantrum after Trump reinstated on Twitter, slams Elon Musk’s ‘erratic leadership’

Current House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) is among the throngs of leftists upset over billionaire Elon Musk reinstating the account of former President Donald […]

Cops reveal new details on stabbing deaths of 4 Idaho students, to include 911 call from inside house

Moscow, Idaho police have revealed new details concerning the quadruple homicide of four University of Idaho students last week. The four college students, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, […]

Dems to make last-ditch, lame-duck push for DACA amnesty before GOP takes control of House

With the clock ticking on the left’s control of the House of Representatives, Democrats are devoting at least part of the lame duck session to pushing through […]

Five dead after shooting at Colo. Springs LGBTQ club; motive unclear but attack billed as ‘hate crime’

An armed suspect reportedly opened fire at a Colorado nightclub early Sunday morning in an incident that tragically left five persons dead and nearly 20 wounded. The […]

Former detectives take issue with cops saying Idaho student murders were an ‘isolated, targeted attack’

Two former detectives have expressed discomfort with the Moscow Police Department’sdecision to label the recent murder of four University of Idaho students an “isolated, targeted” attack. As […]

Nikki Haley teases 2024 White House run: ‘I’ve never lost an election and I’m not going to start now’

It’s been less than a week since former President Donald J. Trump officially announced his 2024 candidacy for the White House and prospective GOP challengers are already […]

As Joe Biden celebrates 80th birthday, all eyes on 2024

America now has its first octogenarian serving in the executive office. On November 2oth, President Joe Biden turned 80 years old. On Sunday, President Biden and First […]

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