Kevin McCarthy wins nomination for House Speaker despite growing opposition

Although Republicans are set to assume majority control of the House of Representatives – pending the results of a few elections – who should become the […]

‘The Five’ rips Biden for being too meek to confront President Xi on Covid, fentanyl explosion

President Joe Biden dropped the ball on fentanyl and the origins of COVID-19 during his first sit-down with Chinese President Xi Jinping since his election, conservative news […]

Arizona teachers fired after OnlyFans account, including footage filmed in middle school, leaked to officials

Two Arizona teachers are unemployed after their explicit OnlyFans account, including footage filmed in a middle school classroom, was leaked to police and district officials. Samantha Peer, […]

Ride-share driver hailed a hero, rescues fleeing sex-trafficking victim, gets in shootout with captor

Sitting in the middle of a six-lane highway was safer than where she had been. Having already jumped from a third-story window, beaten, nearly naked and without […]

‘I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you’: Fox reporter chuckles covering Arizona election call

The Arizona gubernatorial race is over if you follow the media who are declaring Katie Hobbs the winner. This isn’t sitting well with her Republican opposition Kari […]

Elon Musk axes trash-talking employees in overnight firing spree and makes no apologies, just jokes

CEO Elon Musk is raging through the ranks of the company, reportedly going on a firing spree overnight and terminating employees by e who criticized him […]

‘They just let it happen?’ FBI may have had as many as 8 informants inside Proud Boys on J6, according to NYT

The FBI may have reportedly had as many as eight informants planted inside the Proud Boys at the time of the Jan. 6 riot, The New York […]

Klaus Schwab lectures world leaders on ‘deep systemic’ global restructuring at G20

The G20 Heads of State and Government Summit kicked off Tuesday on the Indonesian island of Bali, with President Biden reportedly planning to push the leaders of […]

Nevada Co confirms livestream of vote-counts went dark for 8hrs, vows to find ‘future’ solution

Washoe County officials in Nevada admitted over the weekend that live streaming video of vote-count areas went dark for 8 hours on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, […]

‘Check out the scoreboard!’ DeSantis gets rave reviews for ‘classy’ response to Trump comments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently come under fire from former President Donald Trump, but he has not responded until now. During a press conference, DeSantis was […]

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