McCarthy vows GOP will start every day of Congress with prayer and pledge: ‘No exceptions’

Under the leadership of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Republicans will start every day in Congress by reciting a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, dumping the equivalent […]

Same monster? Nearby couple’s dog skinned, filleted just weeks before Idaho students were butchered

The brutal slaughter of four University of Idaho students just to on an even sinister air, if that’s possible, with the news that, just weeks before […]

‘All-American’ rocker John Mellencamp seen sitting during national anthem at NFL game, eating popcorn

John Mellencamp may have spent his career boasting about his small-town roots, but Sunday while attending an Indianapolis Colts home game he was caught giving off big […]

‘Regulatory nonsense’: Calif. to ban diesel trucks at ports by 2035 despite lack of EV charging stations

As California los to ban diesel trucks from operating in state ports by 2035, the conflict between infrastructure and ambition is in stark relief, with opponents of […]

Nearly 1 in 3 American voters want incoming GOP to focus on Biden impeachment investigation: poll

A new poll indicates that nearly one in three American voters want the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to investigate and potentially impeach President Biden for numerous actions […]

Environmental terrorists hit Warhol-painted BMW in latest climate change temper tantrum

Anti-fossil-fuel, attention-seeking protesters who have engaged in vandalism in museums around the world are now targeting the work of iconic visual artist Andy Warhol. On Friday, demonstrators […]

Former NBA referees sue league for religious freedom violations over ‘jab or job ultimatum’ exemptions

Two former NBA referees and their attorney attacked the league on Monday’s “Fox and Friends First,” telling the cohosts that the NBA’s attorneys determined after 30 minutes […]

MSNBC host claims DeSantis gerrymandering behind BIG win as she frets over ’50 states’ falling in line

Tea leave readers continue to anticipate a showdown for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination between Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump and, while only the […]

Amy Coney Barrett called on to recuse herself from upcoming gay rights case over faith group affiliation

Former members of the charismatic Christian group, People of Praise, claim Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a member of the community, can not be impartial in […]

Don Lemon bemoans Elon Musk’s ‘thirst’ for Trump returning to Twitter, citing sexualized meme

CNN co-host Don Lemon to a suggestive swipe at Elon Musk after the mogul humorously used a meme depicting an attractive young woman bending over with a […]

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