Mom who raced into school to save kids claims police used probation threats to keep her from speaking out

A frustrated Uvalde mother who’s been speaking out against law enforcement’s inaction during last week’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School was reportedly threatened with a probation […]

Uvalde teacher ‘traumatized’ by false claim she didn’t close door before shooting

Thanks to misinformation from a top Texas Department of Public Safety official, a teacher at the elementary school where a mass shooting occurred last week was falsely […]

Whoopi says Americans can keep ‘other yee-haw guns’ but AR-15 ‘has got to go’

“The View” co-host and self-appointed arbiter of American firearm ownership Whoopi Goldberg has benevolently decided that she will allow Americans to keep our “other yee-haw guns, whatever […]

K-Pop music group BTS used as White House props to lecture on anti-Asian hate. Talk about kettle and pot!

The Biden administration is being slammed for sleazilyvirtue-signaling its ostensible concern about anti-Asian sentiment and discrimination while simultaneously doing everything in its power to uphold both. On […]

Fox News anchor pleads for gun control in segments that could have been on MSNBC and CNN all day

(Video: Fox News) Fox News anchor Arthel Neville on Sunday handed a major assist to those who would use the Uvalde school slaughter as an excuse to […]

Experts question if ‘Operation Fly Formula’ resolves baby food shortage or just ‘political theater’?

Amid the media frenzy of First Lady Jill Biden and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy meeting a military flight laden with baby formula from Europe at Dulles International […]

‘Thoughtless display of celebration’: MLB manager vows to skip national anthem after Uvalde shooting

A notoriously “we” MLB team manager has announced that he’ll be skipping the national anthem before future games in part because Congress is unable to pass the […]

‘Good gal with a gun’ shot man who opened fire at West Virginia graduation party

The latest mass shootings, particularly the one this week in Uvalde, have members of the left convinced that the “good guy with a gun” argument is bogus, […]

Michigan school with ‘anti-racism resolution’ cancels classes, suspends teacher for worksheet comparing Obama to monkeys

The prestigious Michigan Roeper School — which, in 2021, passed an “anti-racism resolution” — canceled classes and suspended a high school biology teacher after she passed out […]

‘Our humanity no longer mattered’: Black Americans hardest hit by folly of anti-cop leaders

In the wake of calls from progressive politicians and we activist groups, black Americans have been disproportionately affected by soaring murder statistics and violent crimes, leaving a […]

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