Heartbreaking stories of Buffalo shooting victims whose lives were cut short

The nation is in mourning, as victims of Saturday’s supermarket slaughter in Buffalo are slowly being identified and remembered on social media. Pearl Young, 77, ran a […]

Johnny Depp’s close pal recalls ‘unnerving’ incident involving ‘sociopathic show pony’ Amber Heard

According to a close friend of actor Johnny Depp, Amber Heard is “a sociopathic show pony” who thrives on drama and wants to destroy the actor. “I […]

WATCH: Joe Biden not radical enough for left-wing students

By Alexa Schwerha, Campus Reform A recent Harvardpollfound that 56% of young Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden.Campus ReformReporter Alexa Schwerha went to the University of Maryland […]

‘It’s wrong, it’s intimidation, it’s against the law!’ Bill Maher goes off on SCOTUS protests

Increasingly heterodox liberal comedian Bill Maher has once again sided with the right, this time by expressing his disgust and opposition to the protests occurring outside the […]

Man pleads guilty to hit-and-run that killed Nicki Minaj’s father, will get ‘no more than one year in jail’

The Long Island man who last year killed rapper Nicki Minaj’s 64-year-old father in a car crash, fled the scene and then tampered with evidence was allowed […]

Déjà vu: Taliban orders women to wear burkas in public so they can ‘live with dignity and safety’

With, to quote Bob Geldof, “a sickening sense of déjà vu,” women in Afghanistan will once again have to don a full, head-to-toe burqa to go out […]

Maher ribs trans people over Roe leak: ‘Suddenly getting the right pronoun doesn’t seem so big’

Comedian and social commentator Bill Maher once again proved he doesn’t care who he angers, this time taking aim at trans people in his opening monologue about […]

Displaced CNN+ staff blast network for spending ‘gobs of money’ on WHCD ‘hangover’ brunch

The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner came on the heels of the news that CNN+, the network’s new streaming service, was being shut down after just a […]

Twitter: Ads that ‘contradict the scientific consensus’ on climate change now prohibited

In a move to coincide with Earth Day, has announced it will no longer accept advertisements on its platform that “contradict the scientific consensus on climate […]

Shooting suspect Frank James filed lawsuit against previous employer for racial discrimination

CHECK OUT WeThePeople.store and WeThePeople.wine for holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! It appears that alleged Brolyn subway shooter Frank James has previously been steeped knee-high in […]

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