Text messages reportedly show Hunter Biden asking cousin to set him up with young actresses, models

Just when it seemed the lowest point of Hunter Biden’s debauch nature had been exposed, text messages uncovered from his infamous laptop allegedly reveal him begging his […]

Biden: At lunch, me and Kamala used notecards to cook up a way to fix technology ‘damaging’ to kids

During a Washington, D.C. conference of the National Association of Counties on Tuesday, President Biden claimed that he had lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris and they […]

‘Fealty to Neo-Marxist and woke ideology’: Med students at Columbia recite altered Hippocratic Oath

The 2025 Columbia Medical School class opted to update the Hippocratic Oath administered at the White Coat Ceremony back in August, with the new oath including a […]

Steve Bannon slams self-serving GOP ‘oligarchs’, who are conveniently ‘1,000 percent anti-Trump’

Former President Donald Trump officially has a challenger for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and, as are sure to follow, his former adviser Steve Bannon laid […]

Fla. mother-of-two and Iraq veteran vanishes after footage shows her leaving ex-boyfriend’s home, told family she feared him

Rachel Schwartz, a 33-year-old mother and Iraq War veteran from Florida, simply vanished after last being seen on Ring camera footage leaving her ex-boyfriend John Scorah’s home […]

Disney’s uber woke show ‘Proud Family’ chastises character for ‘white fragility’ until he begs forgiveness

In case statue toppling and anti-white propaganda raps weren’t enough to sate the we set producing content at Disney+, the latest season of “The Proud Family: Louder […]

Daily Show co-creator boils over in vulgar rant over SB ad dubbing Gutfeld ‘king of late night comedy’

The popularity of Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has left-wingers weeping and gnashing their teeth as the “new king of late night comedy” will be featured in […]

NORAD confirms ‘high-altitude airborne object’ shot down by U.S. jets over Canada – Trudeau takes credit

If you had “unidentified objects invade North America” on your 2023 Bingo card, you’re already well on your way to a win. On Saturday afternoon, the North […]

Wild airport brawl ensues when Spirit hits travelers with extra fees for oversized carry-on baggage

A mother-daughter duo unsatisfied with an extra fee ahead of their flight let gate attendants know about it as fists and wigs flew Monday night in Philaphia. […]

Mystery ‘older woman’ Prince Harry claimed took his virginity comes forward – she was 19 at time of romp

A 40-year-old woman has come forth claiming she to Prince Harry’s virginity two decades ago in the summer of 2001. But before you excoriate Sasha Walpole for […]

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