RESPECT! Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ now deemed offensive

**Editor’s note: In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decipher parody from reality, American Wire mistakenly reported ‘TCMA’ account as serious trans activists. We’ve […]

‘Better turn around, rainbow girl’: Belligerent leftist savagely mocked as police eject her from flight

Video of a belligerent leftist festooned in rainbow colors as she is escorted off of an airplane is making the rounds on social media where it has […]

‘Something ain’t right’: Silk details what took place when Diamond died, calls on America to ‘wake up’

With few details publicly known about the passing of Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, better known as “Diamond” from the conservative duo Diamond and Silk, her sister, Herneitha “Silk” […]

‘I lost control’: Tucker EXPLODES at American mom who praised CCP for ‘co-parenting’ children

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s hard-hitting, unapologetically controversial opening monologues are legendary, so when he says he “lost control” and apologizes after ivering one, you know he […]

Black police chief apologizes for posting Thin Blue Line flag after woke mob backlash

A Minnesota police chief has become the latest in a slew of first responders apologizing for honoring his own after a National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day post […]

The Gutfeld Effect: CNN looks to copy Fox News’ successful late-night formula, floats names

Having yet to take a hard lo in the mirror and admit to their viewers “it’s not you, it’s me,” CNN’s head honcho is reportedly considering another […]

Wife of Navy Lt. wrongly jailed in Japan says DoD ‘abandoned’ him, blasts ‘unimaginable’ treatment

After Navy Lt. Ridge Alkonis was convicted in Japan of negligent driving following a medical emergency during which he lost control of his car, wife Brittany Alkonis […]

Actor Rob Schneider puts country before career to speak against government mess: If enough people will just say, ‘enough of this’

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider has ighted fans for decades with his unique style and comedic charm but he is greatly concerned with the country’s lurch into […]

Unveiling of ‘pornographic-looking’ MLK statue in Boston is blowing up the internet

The grand unveiling of a monument to commemorate the legacy of slain rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Boston was greeted with both reverence and […]

Mary Trump says GOP voters are ‘anti-human,’ ‘anti-American’ and ‘want me and people like me dead’

Mary Trump’s only relevance in the political realm is that she is related by blood to former President Donald Trump and is willing to trade on that […]

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