Denver Water employees deliver conservation rules via ‘Splashstreet Boys’ dance video, taxpayers NOT amused

Denver Water, the public agency handling Denver’s water situation, is drawing attention for parodying the Backstreet Boys. The parody of the song “I Want It That Way” […]

Liberal woman describes dilemma of trying to make friends in Florida and it’s HILARIOUS

A newly transplanted liberal in Florida described being triggered by patriotism as she tried to make new friends. The young woman in the video with thousands of […]

Man trolls city council over transgenders in sports and even those he’s mocking can’t help but laugh

A man masterfully trolled the Irving City Council in a video making the rounds, and several council members couldn’t help but laugh. “Yo, Irving City Council. How […]

Ted Cruz is ‘jealous’ of Katie Britt’s SNL portrayal: ‘Look, Scarlett Johansson is hot’

Senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt jed about being portrayed on Saturday Night Live after “hot” Scarlett Johansson played Britt for a State of the Union skit. […]

‘Sometimes memes write themselves’: Haley remains straight-faced despite Tapper’s ‘Freudian’ Trump gaffe

Jake Tapper’s unfortunate slip of the tongue may be an embarrassment the CNN host would like to put behind him, but the ribald response on social media […]

Bill Maher tells Biden to ‘let his Old Fart flag fly,’ says POTUS walks ‘like a toddler with a full diaper’

The State of the Union address is just four days away, and HBO’s “Real Time” host, Bill Maher, has some advice for President Biden: “Let your Old […]

‘White Men Can Trump’: SNL spoofs on Trump’s $400 Golden Sneakers – throws in jab at Biden

A fired comedian’s return to “Saturday Night Live” packed on the TDS with “another magical sneaker movie for white people.” Little than a week after former […]

Rand Paul perfectly sums up Biden confusion in one brilliant line

Sen. Rand Paul summed up in a brilliant tweet a confused moment that perfectly summarizes Joe Biden’s term as president of the United States. In the same […]

‘Joke is on the teller’: Greg Gutfeld calls out SNL over embarrassing Trump ‘de-bank’ skit

Trapped within an echo chamber of their own making, the latest attempt to jab at the former president teed-up the “collective ignorance” of Saturday Night Live for […]

‘Is this parody?’ Hillary awkwardly has a crack at the Macarena in Spain

Hillary Clinton lit up cringe meters after a video surfaced of her embarrassing attempt to dance “La Macarena” at a party in Spain. The failed Democratic presidential […]

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