Chip Roy in a FURY, savages Dems over not taking crisis of unaccompanied border children seriously

An apoplectic Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) completely eviscerated Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee who refuse to take seriously the massive flood of unaccompanied children at the southern border causing a humanitarian crisis that is “spiking through the roof.”

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Your current system has 85,000 kids they can’t find! What in the world? It’s The New York Times! It’s not Fox News. And we’re sitting here talking about a fiction, a fiction of saying there’s an infant rolling through somewhere outside of Eagle Pass right now begging to claim asylum. The infant is not doing that. This is absurd! You know it’s absurd!” Roy railed at Democrats.

“We have language here put forth in good faith trying to figure out how to stop what I see in this chart behind me, where unaccompanied children are spiking through the roof, have been doing so since Democrats have been in charge of the administration. The only blip is when you had a Republican in charge,” he noted.

“You have kids on top of train cars getting abused by cartels. You’ve got numbers spiking through the roof since President Biden has been in office and all we want to simply do is say we want to get them home to their families; we want to get them to the place where they can go to a port of entry so we can take care of them,” the Republican raged.

“And we’re being treated by my colleagues on the side of the aisle with, ‘Where are the thousand that aren’t being reunified (from the Trump era)?’ Well, go find the 85,000 that we don’t even know where the hell they are under the Biden administration!” an enraged Roy roared.

Roy had a ton more to say on the subject previously at that same meeting and he did not hold back in the least.

The first thing he did was introduce two New York Times articles on the abuse of migrant children.

I would note that one of the quotes in one of these articles, both in the New York Times, both published in the last few months, quote, ‘While HHS checks on all minors by calling them a month after they begin living with their sponsors, data obtained by the Times shows that over the last two years, the agency could not reach more than 85,000 children. Overall, the agency lost immediate contact with a third of migrant children,” Roy noted at the meeting.

“It’s not as cute as kids in cages, is it? The supposed ‘cages’ that were put in place by Barack Obama. That my colleagues on the other side of the aisle like to try to exploit to be those who are the truly compassionate ones you see. Those who will look out and preach that they are the ones who care for brown people. They are the ones who care for people who are migrants,” he continued.

The congressman then got graphic over the deaths of children and migrants.

“I assume that they don’t believe that it was cruel when ranchers in South Texas and Arizona run across the dead bodies of children and migrants exploited by the coyotes. The 856 migrants that died attempting to cross the Southwest border last fiscal year alone… 856 dead bodies floating in the Rio Grande, found on ranches exploited by cartels,” Roy railed.

I suppose it’s just perfectly fine that cartels are operating with impunity along the Texas border, slitting the throats of people who dare to oppose them, threatening people, burning people alive, locking them in bars and buildings, and burning them alive. I suppose to 53 migrants that cooked in the Texas heat in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio last August that’s not cruel, that’s not immoral, that’s not extreme,” he added.

He tore into the Democrats with utter contempt for letting this atrocity continue.

“But yet that’s the truth. That’s the truth of the current system perpetuated by Democrats in the false name of compassion, looking out to be able to say that they are the ones that can speak for the huddled masses. That they alone are the ones that can do that,” Roy asserted.

“That somehow those who seek to come to the United States seeking a better way of life because the rule of law matters. That we then thwart and undermine the rule of law allowing children, women, and people seeking a better way of life to die because we in fact refused to enforce the rule of law,” he pointed out.

The congressman then explained why Republicans are putting forth legislation to change all of that.

“Yes, we are putting forward measures today to ensure that our system works. Because a system that works begins and ends with the rule of law and ensuring that people are protected. What we are putting forth today, including Provisions from H.R 29, but not all the provisions because the legislative process works,” Roy commented.

“We’re having conversations and we have a package today that accomplishes the objective set forth in H.R 29. and the numerous other proposals we have put forward over the years to ensure that people who come to the United States seeking asylum will have their case heard. But likewise, ensure that the administration can no longer flout the rule of law using asylum and parole to ruin the rule of law to release people into the United States in ways that cause 85,000 children to get lost,” he stated.

He continued to pound the issue even though Democrats will almost assuredly continue to ignore what is really going on at the border because of brazen politics, not compassion.

“Children in these articles getting sold into the human trafficking business, the sex trafficking business. All of my colleagues on their side of the aisle like to tout how compassionate they are. Well, go campaign on that. We will campaign on standing up for the children, the families, the migrants who seek to come here and do it the right way,” Roy vowed.

“To do it following the rule of law so this country can continue to stand as a beacon of hope for the world rather than the lawless morass that this administration has put forward, importing lawlessness, importing fentanyl instead of exporting the rule of law and hope around the world. That’s what this bill will stand up to reinstate,” he concluded.

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