Dilbert creator fights back: ‘CNN canceled me for agreeing with Don Lemon’

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is not going away quietly after the mad rush to cancel him for suggesting last week that white people may want to get away from black people, citing a Rasmussen poll showing that 47 percent of black respondents would not agree that it’s okay to be white — an inane question that captures the glory of critical race theory.

Adams doubled down on Saturday despite newspapers across the country dropping the Dilbert comic strip over his observation. Referencing the “Pence Rule,” which is based on former Vice President Mike Pence famously saying he doesn’t allow himself to be alone with a woman who isn’t his wife, Adams explained on his podcast “you should absolutely be racist whenever it’s to your advantage, and that’s for men, for women, for black or white, Asian or Hispanic.”

On Sunday, he played the Don Lemon card, tweeting: “CNN canceled me for agreeing with Don Lemon.”

The tweet included a video clip of Lemon’s infamous 2013 advice to black people on “how to fix the problem.”

“Here’s number five: pull up your pants,” he began. “Walking around with your a** and your underwear showing is not okay.”

Number four was to stop using the n-word: “By promoting the use of that word when it’s not germane to the conversation, have you ever considered that you may just be perpetuating the stereotype the master intended acting like a n*****?”

“Respect where you live,” the CNN anchor said of the third solution. “Start small by not dropping trash, littering in your own communities. I’ve lived in several predominantly white neighborhoods in my life. I rarely, if ever, witnessed people littering. I live in Harlem now. It’s an historically Black neighborhood. Every single day, I see adults and children dropping their trash on the ground.”

“Number two: finish school,” he continued. “You want to break the cycle of poverty. Stop telling kids they’re acting white because they go to school or they speak proper English.

“[A]nd probably the most important: just because you can have a baby it doesn’t mean you should — especially without planning for one or getting married first,” Lemon concluded. “More than 72 percent of children in the African American community are born out of wedlock. That means absent fathers and the studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison. And the cycle continues.”

In responding to the Rasmussen poll, Adams labeled those who did not agree that it was okay to be white a “hate group” and advised white people, “Get the hell away from black people.”

“If nearly half of all blacks are not okay with white people — according to this poll, not according to me, according to this poll — that’s a hate group,” he said. “I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people. Just get the f*** away. Wherever you have to go, just get away. Because there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed.”

The ensuing Twitter meltdown resulted in him being the latest victim of the cancel culture,

Applying the Pence Rule, Adams said on Saturday that’s just playing the statistical odds, “If you’re making decisions for your own personal life, you can be as racist as you want. That’s not illegal and it’s definitely not unethical.”

Here are but a few responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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