Glenn Beck says COVID-19 is entering his lungs, shares with Mark Levin his current treatment

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In an appearance Wednesday on conservative talk radio host Mark Levin’s show, Glenn Beck said he has contracted COVID-19 for a second time and that the virus has entered his lungs. Back in April, Beck acknowledged that he had contracted COVID-19 and said he would not get vaccinated because he had natural immunity — his current vaccination status is not clear.

Beck has been pushing his new book, “The Great Reset,” and when Levin asked him how he was doing, he responded, “I am great, Mark. I am great. Despite having Covid and seeing the destruction of our country, I am great.”

“Do you have COVID right now?” Levin asked, prompting Beck to say, “Yeah, I do… it’s a lighter case, but it’s now starting to go into my lungs today and it’s a little disturbing — I’m on all the medications and treatments and everything else, so.”

When asked if he was getting monoclonal antibody treatment, Beck said he was not, noting that the treatment “doesn’t seem to be working for the new strain,” adding that he is on hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and fluvoxamine instead.

“My doctors are hitting it really hard,” he said.

“You know it’s amazing, when we tried to get that stuff my pharmacist looked at me like I am a heroin addict,” Levin chimed in, prompting Beck to explain how hydroxychloroquine helps fight the coronavirus.

“This is basic science, this is basic medicine, that’s what those drugs are used for in many cases and yet, you’re treated like you’re a moron if you do that,” Beck replied.

Beck told Levin he has had COVID-19 for about a week. He shared on Instagram last Thursday that he had tested positive for the virus.

“My second covid test positive! Crap. So far it is way different than the first time I had it in Dec ‘20. That time it wiped me out for almost 3 weeks. This time it is just the worst ‘cold’ I have ever had. This is really good news if that becomes the dominant variant and almost the same pattern as the Spanish flu,” the caption read.

He commented on monoclonal antibody treatment but apparently learned that it was not as effective — though he did take a shot at the Biden administration and Big Pharma for not pursuing all of the above approaches to treating the virus.

“If I would become seriously ill it will only be because this administration along with Big Pharma won’t allow the free market to actually work,” he added.


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Beck appeared Tuesday night on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to plug his book and did not mention that he had contracted the virus while telling host Tucker Carlson that his new book was “the most important topic of my career, and I think this is the most important topic in the world today.”

“The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory, it is something that the Davos people have put together along with the World Economic Forum, and it is running rampant through every Western capital and every Western country,” he said.

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“This, again, is all about total and complete control. I was wrong. For a long time, I thought this was about socialism. It is not. It is a brand of fascism,” Beck insisted. “In socialism and communism, the state and the people own everything, that’s not what’s coming. If you want to understand why our corporations are saying that they have to have these teach white people how bad they are, why they’re condemning the United States, but not China because China is the new global model.”

“This must get out to every person I believe in the Western world. This is not an American problem, this is the entire West going away by 2030, and I think the next, they just war-gamed — the World Economic Forum just war-gamed that next economic collapse,” he said. “I think that’s coming in the next couple of years, I could be wrong, I usually am on timing, but when that happens, it is lights out. It is over. They will control your food, your water, your work, your education, your banking, your money, gasoline. France is just now paying a rate increase for their electricity of 45 percent because of the Great Reset. They are shutting down their nuclear power plants, and it’s going to cost 45% increase in energy.”

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