Gutfeld buries ‘raging elitist’ Geraldo in battle over electric vehicles: ‘You’re telling our audience to suck on it!’

Fox News show “The Five” exploded once again as co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and leftist Geraldo Rivera threw down on Wednesday over the Biden administration’s unrealistic and crushing goal to have electric cars account for two-thirds of all cars that are sold in the United States by 2032.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The Environmental Protection Agency made the announcement on Wednesday according to the New York Times. They are planning on forcing the radical green agenda on businesses. If auto dealerships won’t play ball, they will impose emissions restrictions on the vehicles they sell, either forcing them into compliance or out of business.

“I was gonna buy an EV Bentley,” Rivera commented during the segment showing how out of touch with Americans he truly is. “They offered me a $7,500 rebate. I said I don’t need the $7,500.”

That was just too much for Gutfeld to stomach and he started hammering Rivera.

“Thank God you connect with our audience,” Gutfeld snarked at Rivera.

“But you see what is happening in terms of the private sector,” Rivera blathered on. “It is changing at a pace more rapid than we ever anticipated. Here’s one thing. Electric-powered vehicles have 60% efficiency in terms of the conversion of energy to the wheels turning. Gas-powered is 17% to 21%. Electric vehicles are three times more energy efficient in terms of making your car go than gas-powered.”

Then he asserted that the switch to all-electric vehicles is “happening regardless” of government policy. Something that is just not true.

“Well, apparently the message ain’t getting out because Americans don’t want to buy ’em,” co-host Jeanine Pirro understandably clapped back.

Co-host Dana Perino also pointed out that electric vehicles require a great deal of lithium which is mined by countries that use child labor such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“This is great for child laborers in Congo, who get buried alive trying to mine these minerals for everybody who wants these electric cars,” she commented.

Gutfeld was far from done with Rivera on the subject. He just couldn’t take the leftist’s glibness concerning forcing Americans into driving EVs.

“I’m trying to control myself,” he remarked before cutting loose.

“Why?” Rivera asked.

“Because you said ‘EV Bentley,’” Gutfeld responded. “And you just explained why people like you find it so easy to sermonize about electric vehicles because you can afford it.”

Then the gloves came off and Rivera never even knew what hit him.

Are you attacking me?” Rivera cluelessly asked.

“Yes, I am attacking you. You deserve it,” Gutfeld informed him.

“But then I have to counterattack when you finish,” Rivera answered, thinking he was clever. He wasn’t.

Gutfeld went out of his way to painstakingly explain to Rivera in words he could understand that he was a raging elitist who has nothing in common with mainstream America.

“Well, no. The thing is – what I’m pointing out is, you just said ‘EV Bentley’ to our audience, right? Who has to pay for the charging stations? Our audience. Who has to pay for the transition from gas to electric stoves? Our audience,” Gutfeld raged.

“Who has to pay for the cancer they get from the gas-powered cars?” Rivera ridiculously countered.

“Oh God, you don’t even have the science to back that up. You have to bear the brunt of your beliefs, and you don’t because you can afford an EV Bentley. You’re telling our audience to suck on it!” Gutfeld railed.

Rivera then figured he would pull a “gotcha” on Gutfeld and it fell spectacularly flat.

“What kind of cars do you drive? You wanna list them?” Rivera demanded of his co-host.

“A $45,000 car, yes. Yeah, I know. It’s no Bentley. I’m sorry, Geraldo,” Gutfeld replied indicating he drives a Chrysler.

Gutfeld tried to back off but just couldn’t take it and tore into Rivera once again.

“The green movement is tied up in knots right now. Electric cars exploit cheap human labor in Africa and in China. The climate predictions are falling apart, the smart folks are flocking to nuclear, and identity politics stole the thunder from the climate agenda. And how do you know that? You gotta look at ESG, right? Equity, social, governance… why are they packed together like that in companies? It’s because you couldn’t do climate on your own because no one bought it,” Gutfeld expounded.

“So, what they did is they married it to race and they married it to gender. So, if you come out against ESG, it’s about you being a bigot, not about you being smart about the climate. None of their predictions have come true. None of them. They are fighting… they’re forcing America to do this crap over 1… less than a percent Celsius. … It has no effect,” he continued.

“And, in fact, as this climate gets warmer people’s lives improve. That’s a fact. That’s a fact. People die from cold weather more frequently than from warm weather. So, don’t give me your cancer BS!” Gutfeld told Rivera pointing at him.

Rivera kept pushing regulations and the green agenda while Gutfeld said that Elon Musk has the right idea to make a car attractive enough that people will buy it. Then he angrily pointed at Rivera and informed him that you don’t force people to do things.

“Stop pointing at me!” Rivera whined, acting offended. “Stop pointing at me!”



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