Hannity and Anthony Weiner give us most awkward segment on Monday television

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Disgraced ex-politician Anthony Weiner appeared Monday night on Fox News’ “Hannity” and was asked right out of the gate if he was a changed man today after enduring a number of sexting scandals and his response was not as revealing as host Sean Hannity had hoped for.

Weiner is doing a new radio show on WABC with Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa and the pair were on to plug their endeavor.

“I guess the first question that I have is you pled guilty, Anthony, to sending obscene materials to a young girl, 15-year-old girl … You served jail time. Have you changed? Are you a different person?” Sean Hannity asked.

“Well, uhm, I think so,” Weiner responded. “I don’t think anyone can go through that kind of experience, and I think this is probably true of people who have been through other types of adversity. I don’t think you go through that type of experience and don’t emerge changed.”

Unsatisfied with the response, Hannity interrupted to say, “That’s an obscure answer – ‘I think so.’ Either you know in your heart if you changed or you know in your heart if you didn’t change. Can you assure people, because you’re going to now try and draw in an audience, and they’re going to want to know if you changed or not. Have you changed?”

“They can judge for themselves,” a rather demure Weiner replied.

“I’m not out to persuade you or anyone else that I’ve changed,” he continued. “I mean, I am doing a radio show and people can call and ask me questions. We did one this past Saturday where people had an opportunity to call in and where Curtis asked me a bunch of questions and I asked and answered the best I can. But in terms of like, I’m trying to draw someone, you know, I’m not trying to make someone like me or someone be persuaded of any particular outlook on me. We’re going to have some conversations about things going on in New York City and other places, and hopefully, people will tune in to the show. But I’m not terribly interested in trying to make them feel any differently about me.”

The former Democratic congressman clearly did not want to dwell on his scandalous past, which not only led to him losing his seat and serving prison time but also resulted in the breakup of his marriage when Huma Abedin, the longtime Hillary Clinton aide, divorced him in 2017

Hannity noted that when it comes to talk radio that you have to “connect with somebody on a visceral level because they can’t see you,” telling Sliwa that Weiner’s answer “doesn’t sound that convincing to me.”

“I would think that if it was me, I would want to convince people that I’m a different person,” the Fox News host said. “That I changed, that I learned my lesson. That I am moving forward in a different direction in my life. How did you feel about the answers you got?”

Sliwa responded with a heavy emphasis on giving people a second chance — in Weiner’s case, he’s had several.

“I actually did two weeks of programming with Anthony before his life just imploded,” he said. “He’s a good talk show host. He reveals much of his feelings. I feel he’s on solid ground. Our owner operator, John Catsimatidis, who as you know saved WABC from the scrap heap. There would have never again been WABC if he hadn’t rescued it, believes in giving people a second chance.”

“I must tell you,” he added, “if Anthony Weiner had not had his personal problems we wouldn’t have had Bill De Blasio for eight years — who single-handedly destroyed our city. Anthony would have been the mayor and I’m telling you, he would have done a much better job.”

Hannity pressed on what he felt would be the appropriate way to show contrition after such a serious crime, prompting Weiner to interject and plug their radio show.

“Sean, if you want, you can tune in to the show and you can hear…” he began, before Hannity interrupted to say, “You are on my show now. I’m giving you the chance now to do it.”

“You invited me to come on then you say, ‘Did you change?’ And, yes, I answered the question,” Weiner replied. “I said I believe I did. I believe this kind of expense would change any person. And now you’re having this conversation with Curtis with me sitting here about my answer. All I can do is give you the answer, brother.”

Not letting it go, Hannity went on about how he would have expected a little bit more sincerity, a little more heartfelt, a little more repentant.”

Tom Tillison


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