Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Kwanzaa message with wife comes off like a SNL skit

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In what was easily mistaken for a Saturday Night Live skit, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her wife Amy Eshleman posted a message online which Chicagoans a “joyous Kwanzaa,” coming just days after the Democrat announced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for anyone five and older who is eligible.

The video included the caption, “The seven principles of Kwanzaa are as important as ever and should be a guide for all of us. Happy Kwanzaa to all who celebrate” — Joy to the World is heard playing in the background, which only added to the comedic value of the production.

“Amy and I wish to extend a very beautiful and prosperous Kwanzaa to all of you celebrating this season,” Lightfoot said, with Eshleman adding, “As you light the candles and gather in unity, we hope your holiday is filled with rejoicing and happiness.”

“The seven principles of Kwanzaa guide us to unity and cooperation as we work to uplift and protect our neighbors,” the mayor continued. “As you prepare for your Kwanzaa celebration, I urge you to keep these values in mind, but also maintain COVID-19 safe celebrations.

Lightfoot would then get in a plug for getting vaccinated, to include small children.

“The COVID-19 vaccines are by far the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. Anyone who isn’t vaccinated should get one as soon as possible to be protected for the holidays. And that includes five to 11-year-olds who are now eligible for the Pfizer vaccine,” she said.

Eshleman then explained that fully vaccinated people “can gather with others who have been fully vaccinated without restrictions,” before recommending that those who are unvaccinated not attend any large gatherings.

“If you still plan to do so, we encourage you to get a COVID test before attending, while also masking and social distancing when possible” she added, with Lightfoot chiming in to say those who are sick or experiencing COVID or flu-like symptoms “should not attend any gatherings even if you are vaccinated.”

“We wish you a wonderful seven nights celebration, and hope they are filled with renewal and joy,” Eshleman said to close, with Lightfoot adding, “May the light of peace bring happiness to your home as we wish you the warmth and togetherness of Kwanzaa.”

Unless you’re unvaccinated.

The couple also shared a family photo, complete with the pet dog, online Saturday while wishing the city a Merry Christmas.

Chicago has been experiencing a significant surge in violent crime, with the murder rate reaching 783 through Dec. 19, according to the Chicago Tribune — the total is 34 more than at the same point in 2020. Lightfoot recently asked for help from federal authorities to curb violence in the city in a speech outlining her plan to attack its “root causes.”

Interestingly, a TikTok video shared on Christmas Day of a woman attempting to cash a check from the city featured a bank teller saying that Chicago had no funds in the corresponding account. The caption read “Is Chicago broke,” though it could be more of an accounting snafu.

Included in the online reaction to the Kwanzaa greeting was a suggestion that Lightfoot “pay her employees.”

Then again, she may be busy getting set to enforce the vaccine mandate going into effect beginning January 3.

“We didn’t want it to get to this point, but given the situation we find ourselves in, we have no choice,” Lightfoot said in a tweet last week, telling residents they “must show proof you are fully vax’d to enter bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and entertainment/recreational venues where food/drink are served.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the story from Twitter.

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