Social celeb forced to delete ‘blasphemous’ photo posing in ‘Holy Trinity Bikini’

Given the freak show that defines mulch of today’s generation, it’s getting more and more difficult to generate the shock value needed to deliver the much-craved attention many seek. Sadly, a growing number are taking to mocking Christianity and even God to produce the coveted clicks.

Social media celebrity Addison Rae opted to go down this path – ever so briefly – on Tuesday when she posted a photo of herself rocking a scandalous “Holy Trinity Bikini.” The white bikini features the word “Father” and “Son” on each side of the top and the word “Holy Spirit” on the bottom.

Rae, 21, is no stranger to drawing attention. Her social media presence is based on taking advantage of her well-endowed, rather plump body by sharing skimpy suggestive photos — in a sign the apocalypse may soon be upon us, Rae has 40 million Instagram followers.

The blasphemous photo created in collaboration with Adidas was soon deleted in response to the firestorm of criticism it created. Adidas appears to be mum over the controversy stirred.

Here is the photo, as shared on Twitter:

Rae may want to familiarize herself with Galatians 6:7, which reads: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

In need of a little attention herself, Christina Aguilera posted a video on Instagram showing her wearing a French version of the bikini, with the words “Père,” “Fils” and “Esprit Saint” emblazoned on her bikini. She captioned the video, “A religious experience.”

The “Holy Trinity Bikini,” from the brand Praying, can be seen here:


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The comments seen in response to the photo above captured the overall sentiment to Rae’s disrespectful actions.

“She doesn’t have one ounce of shame. How the hell would you post smthg like this. Even if u r not religious yourself , respect other people’s beliefs,” one social media user wrote.

Another said, “…but if that holy spirit produces any immaculate conceptions it’s off to the abortionist we go…”

Yet another offered this, “Do it with Muslims and see how strong and independent you are?”

The fact that so many of her followers cheered the decision, prompted this reply: “So disrespectful, the fact many people are supporting this and wanting this is DISGUSTING.”

Here is a sampling of the wares Rae offers her millions of followers:


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