Team DeSantis offers critical clarity on new ‘Ron to the Rescue’ presidential PAC

A new political action committee touting Ron DeSantis for president in 2024 has no actual connection to the newly reelected Florida GOP governor.

That is the message to donors or potential donors from DeSantis’ lawyer Benjamin Gibson about the super PAC called Ron to the Rescue and perhaps others like it.

“Whether well intentioned or not, the organizers of these PACs have not been in contact with DeSantis leadership and such efforts may create confusion amongst supporters of the Governor and his policies,” Gibson explained, according to Fox News.

“It is important to make clear to supporters that Governor DeSantis and his team are not affiliated with the ‘Ron to the Rescue’ PAC, have not authorized it to conduct any activity on their behalf, and contributions made to the ‘Ron to the Rescue’ PAC will not benefit Governor DeSantis or his agenda,” he added.

“DeSantis is DeFuture,” the new super PAC said on Twitter above a political ad for DeSantis.

Its website asks visitors to sign a petition to draft DeSantis as a presidential candidate.

“America is in grave danger from the Radical Left and their failed, socialist, woke policies. The America-First agenda MUST be revived. Governor Ron DeSantis is the next Great American President – like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump – who will turn our country around. We must organize NOW – we cannot wait and let the Left take another election. I am Ready for Ron! Let Ron know I’m behind him and want to join his team!,” the website asserts.

Earlier this month, GOP strategist John Thomas, who reportedly founded the new PAC that is now on “full throttle,” told Business Insider that DeSantis’ big win on November 8 was “the perfect cascading of events politically for the governor,” coupled with setbacks for Trump-endorsed candidates in the midterm election.

Parenthetically, lackluster GOP congressional leadership and Democrat ballot harvesting, however, were significant factors in the latter disappointing outcome.

“Ahead of the interview, [Thomas] texted Insider, saying: ‘Ron vs. the Don. I’m here for it,'” the news outlet reported.

“This feels to me very much like 2008 where DeSantis is Obama and then Trump is Hillary…the electorate was ready for a bright, fresh new face that can transform American politics and most importantly: win,” Thomas claimed in the interview.

Thomas implied that donors are ready to write some big checks in support of the pro-DeSantis effort. “The coalition that Thomas has assembled isn’t just never Trumpers, he said, but also ‘people that like Donald Trump,'” Insider noted.

Apparently reacting to a potential contested 2024 GOP primary, former President Trump, who already announced that he’s running for a second term in 2024 and is the presumed front-runner, recently nicknamed the governor “Ron DeSanctimonius,” but that moniker probably has too many syllables to really catch on.

Various vocal Never Trumpers, included some  newer converts, have either implicitly or explicitly thrown their support to DeSantis or — like Trump VP Mike Pence — have talked about “better choices.”

DeSantis, 44, has a long political career ahead no matter what happens in the next two years. Thus, 2024 obviously need not be his only opportunity to seek the White House, so any potential rivalry or feud between the two America First luminaries could be put aside in the near term in the name of party unity.

Thomas acknowledged that his PAC “does not coordinate or communicate with the governor,” but is laying the groundwork “if and when [DeSantis] decides to officially run,'” Fox News elucidated.


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