Tucker Carlson tears into Biden over coming food shortage: ‘Not like deciding to skip dessert’

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As President Joe Biden confirms that food shortages are coming to America — and “they’re going to be real” — Tucker Carlson is taking a closer look at the Biden administration policies and Chinese purchases that have brought us here, and the outlook isn’t pretty.

On Thursday, Biden acknowledged that the price of sanctions against Russia will be paid not just by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but by the citizens of Europe and the United States.

“With regard to food shortage, yes, we did still talk about food shortages and it’s going to be real,” the president told reporters following a NATO summit with world leaders. “The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well, because both Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat, for example, just give one example.”

“Once again, in case you missed it, to repeat: food shortages — not in Sudan — in Cincinnati, Reno, Spokane, Norfolk, and of course, in our big cities, too, where not a single person who was born here has any idea what a food shortage is,” Carlson stated on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday.

And, of course, he is correct. While there are, of course, American families who have been struggling for generations to put food on the table, the closest most American adults have come to the chaos and desperation of real food shortages has been a forced reading of “The Grapes of Wrath” in high school.

And now, our president has told us hard times are not only possible, they are to be expected.

“So what is this going to mean?” Carlson asked. “How do food shortages affect the country?”

“Well, if you’re interested, go online and read about it,” Carlson urged. “All of recorded history will answer your question.”

“A food shortage is not like deciding to skip dessert,” Carlson continued. “It’s not a diet. It’s not voluntary. A food shortage is different. It’s scary. Food shortages topple governments. They turn moderates into revolutionaries. A food shortage is a big deal. You don’t want one, but now we’re getting one just a little over a year into Joe Biden’s presidency.”

As Carlson pointed out, most nations, including China, consider basic necessities, such as food, a priority, Biden’s Build Back Better agenda showed little concern for the fundamentals.

“There weren’t a lot of essentials in Biden’s agenda,” Carlson stated. “The first three things that any normal nation needs and thinks about obsessively are food, water and energy. That’s the standard. In China, for example, every government policy, foreign and domestic, is designed above all to secure adequate reserves of food, water and energy, and that makes sense.”

“The Build Back Better agenda was the opposite of that,” Carlson said. “It did not suggest any concern at all about whether Americans might have enough to eat or could afford enough heating fuel to keep from freezing to death over the winter. Biden’s agenda was focused on the kind of added extras you get to when you’ve fixed everything else and then still have trillions left over.”

Carlson pointed to proposed Build Back Better programs, such as amnesty “for millions of illegal aliens,” “environmental equity,” and “free solar panels for everybody,” and stated, “A lot has changed.”

In addition to soaring prices and empty shelves at the supermarket, the imposed sanctions against Russia have also hit Americans at the gas pumps — a fact everyone with a car can see, but the Biden administration continues to downplay.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated Friday that, despite what you may think, gas prices really aren’t as bad as you think they are — yet.

“Listen, there’ a lot of uncertainty about it,” Yellen said. “They’re not as high in real terms as they were earlier, earlier in the century and the, you know, it’s conceivable that they could move higher.”

(Video: Fox News)

“As Joe Biden explained,” said Carlson, “you’re paying more for gas because we have slapped sanctions on Russia, and sanctioning Russia is the right thing to do. So, shut up and feel virtuous as you slowly go broke.”

And while we Americans may be paying the “price of freedom,” the Biden administration can’t even agree on the point of the sanctions.

While Vice President Kamala Harris, White House press secretary Jen Psaki, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have all stated the purpose of sanctions was to deter Russian aggression, Biden now declares that “sanctions never deter.”

Meanwhile, those sanctions are crippling American farmers.

According to Reuters, “Western sanctions on Russia, a major exporter of potash, ammonia, urea and other soil nutrients, have disrupted shipments of those key inputs around the globe. Fertilizer is key to keeping corn, soy, rice and wheat yields high. Growers are scrambling to adjust.”

Chief Executive Tony Will of leading nitrogen fertilizer producer, Illinois-based CF Industries Holdings, told Reuters, “My concern at the moment is actually one of a food crisis on a global basis.”

“But it’s not just sanctions,” Carlson stated. “There are a lot of reasons. It’s not just the war in Ukraine. In response to energy and food shortages, the Biden administration is shutting down domestic oil and gas production. That makes food more expensive. It makes everything else more expensive. And as the pressure on American farmers rises and as food becomes scarcer and more expensive in this country, that same administration is allowing the government of China to buy up this country’s farmland.”

Nearly 200,000 acres of U.S. agricultural land, worth at least $2 billion, is, as of two years ago, owned by Chinese investors, according to Politico. And U.S. taxpayers, Carlson said, have been helping them buy it “with the help of subsidies paid for by U.S. taxpayers, and Chinese investors are continuing to buy more every single year.”

“Again,” Carlson stated, “food, water, energy. That’s what you need for a country. The Chinese understand that. As Rep. Dan Newhouse put it, ‘the current trend in the United States is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly.'”

“In our country,” Carlson said, “the most productive farmland in the world is now owned by what we used to call our main global rival and I think we can now say, with a realignment in progress, is our main global enemy, owned by a country that seeks to displace us and punish us.”

“It’s insane,” he stated.

Carlson also slammed California Governor Gavin Newsom’s solution to the state’s shocking gas prices, “another free credit card.”

Newsom announced a $9 billion program that will “refund” Californians with a registered vehicle $400, which, if things continue as they are going, may fill up an empty tank four times, if you’re lucky. Because of California’s state taxes, residents are paying $7 a gallon at the pumps, the highest prices in the nation.

“He did that,” Carlson stated. “But instead of fixing it, he’s making you more dependent, and this is a trend. For the second time in two years, politicians are sending out welfare checks to compensate for economic crises that they caused.”

“So, if you wanted to increase inflation,” Carlson continued, “if you wanted to make the population weak and dependent upon you, this is what you’d probably do. Free bread next.”


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