Whoopi Goldberg flips out as the left gets a taste of its own medicine: ‘Who are the snowflakes really?’

Responding to conservatives’ successful boycott of Target, “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg said this Wednesday that she’s sick of the cancel culture that’s being perpetrated by the “snowflakes” on the right.

“I am sick of people telling me I can’t go to a drag show. I’m sick of people telling me that my friends are different because you don’t understand them. I’m sick of it. This is America. You’re supposed to be able to be whoever you are. You know? Stop with all this stuff. You want to talk about snowflakes? Who are the snowflakes, really?” she said.

“They’re people scared of a flag,” co-host Sunny Hostin replied, referencing the right’s distaste for the so-called “Pride” flag.

“They’re people scared of a flag, people who are scared of a drag brunch. It’s a brunch!” Goldberg exclaimed in response.

She and Hostin can be heard at the end of the lengthy clip below:

Missing from Goldberg and Hostin’s rants was any recognition of the core issue at play: Children.

Companies like Target have been accused of pushing LGBT content on little children. Similarly, adult drag stars have been trying to perform in front of children. Conservatives say these groups, corporations, etc. are essentially trying to indoctrinate children and normalize the LGBT lifestyle.

THAT is the issue — not adults attending drag shows or buying LGBT-themed clothes, but rather children being exposed to both.

The following replies to Goldberg’s comments kind of prove the point:

Conservatives also say it’s ironic to hear Goldberg complain about cancel culture when leftists not only invented cancel culture but have been practicing it since forever.

“The amazing thing is she’s skipping the fact that the left has been cancelling before the right figured out how cool it was to do so,” one Twitter user noted.

Exactly. It’s the same thing with ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots. Originally, only the left pursued both. But this evidently conferred a huge benefit to them that was evident in the 2020 presidential election. As a result, Republicans eventually jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Indeed, speaking on Fox News’s “Hannity” this past November, former Clinton-era House Speaker Newt Gingrich stressed that the key to Republicans winning future elections will be them playing “the game by the rules that are existing.”

“That means, for example, if you want Generation Z voters, you’ve got to be on TikTok, even if, in fact, in the long run, we may abolish TikTok as a Chinese communist device. It means that you have to recognize early voting. It doesn’t do Republicans any good to save their TV money until October if they’ve had a third of the vote come in in September,” he said.

“And if people are going to have early voting, the huge advantage of early voting is unless you know who to focus on, because they haven’t voted yet, and let me just point out, Democrats focus on elections, Republicans focus on campaigns. Democratic consultants ultimately are paid to win elections. Republican consultants are paid to buy TV ads for campaigns. Very different models. And as I’ve indicated … we need to really rethink from the ground up,” Gingrich added.

Vivek Saxena


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