Worker battling unhinged customers stealthily swats away flying chair like a Waffle House ninja!

A newly-released video of a wild altercation at a Texas Waffle House shows an unruly mob of customers attacking workers at the restaurant, berating them with profanity and pelting them with objects including a thrown chair which was expertly batted down by one of the besieged employees, drawing rave reviews on social media.

The action went down last year in Austin at around 4 am when chaos erupted with two women in the restaurant yelling at the staffers for an unknown reason, the situation quickly escalated with the women jumping on top of the counter, with one of them lunging at employees.

A coffee pot was subsequently used to fend off the attackers before things took a turn for the worse with one of the out-of-control customers grabbing a chair and throwing it, an act that could have caused serious bodily injury were it were not for the female Waffle House employee who deftly deflected the projectile.

The video which simply has to be seen to be believed starts with a customer exclaiming, “Bro, what the f*** is going on? Bro… I just want my waffles…”

(Video: The Daily Mail)

Diners fled to safety as the brawl spilled over behind the counter with fists and expletives flying although they continued to watch the no-holds-barred brawl from outside through the windows with some of them also recording the incident on their phones.

Twitter users reacted to the WWF-style action in Austin.

It is unclear what prompted the incident or whether alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

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Chris Donaldson


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