Maus takes #1 best selling book slot on Amazon after Tennessee school district removed it

Excerpt from Mediaite Maus,Art Spiegelman’sPulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel, hit the top of ’s bestseller lists in multiple categories after a Tennessee school district removed it from their […]

GOP critics sometimes own stock in the Big Tech they’re slamming

Excerpt from The Hill A number of Republican Senate candidates running on anti-Big Tech platforms have stock holdings in the same companies they are vowing to hold […]

Youngkin sparks Democratic backlash in Virginia

Excerpt from: The Hill Virginia Gov.Glenn Youngkin(R) is facing fierce pushback from Democrats as he implements a slew of conservative policies just two weeks after he formally […]

Ivy Leaguers to celebrate Valentine’s Day with condom sculpture contest

Logan Dubil ’23, Campus Reform Princeton University has invited its students to a condom art contest to celebrate Valentine’s day, otherwise known as “National Condom Day.” The […]

Spice company begs for customers back after ‘Republicans are racists weekend!’ ad backfired

A national spice company’s divisive holiday promotion has spectacularly backfired leaving its leftist owner begging for customers to load up on gift cards to make up for […]

Mugshot of wanted convicted burglar goes viral, but cops are ticked over responses

Authorities hoping to get a lead on nabbing a convicted burglar on the loose in the United Kingdom got an unexpected reaction from the public. West Yorkshire […]

Today’s best political cartoons: Rockin’ in a free world

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Joe Rogan breaks silence – and a few hearts – caves on Neil Young uproar; apologizes, pledges to do better

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE Joe Rogan responded publicly for the first time to the controversy driven by rocker […]

NY Times reporter: Media should spend more time ‘thinking about why so many people trust’ Joe Rogan ‘instead of us’

A New York Times reporter seemed to prove again how the mainstream and left-wing media continue to show a stunning lack of self-awareness. New York Times reporter […]

MSNBC’s deleted tweet spins heads: ‘News’ network dragged for jaw-dropping one-liner

The official account for MSNBC raised eyebrows over the weekend after it tweeted then eted a post that appeared to be an outright attack on conservatives. […]