Matthew McConaughey makes eloquent call for ‘gun responsibility’ over gun control: ‘We can do both’

Actor, activist, and Uvalde, Texas, native Matthew McConaughey distinguished between “gun control” and “gun responsibility” in a recent op-ed in which he made the case that we […]

Prosecutors say Trump ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen might have overstated his role in case against Trump Org

In the wake of the expiration of the grand jury empaneled to hear evidence in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into Trump financial executive Allen Weisselberg […]

70 churches in GA split from United Methodist over LGBTQ issues: ‘Bless these congregations’

Amidst a theological rift that is tearing the United Methodist Church (UMC) apart, the North Georgia Conference voted to allow 70 mostly rural Georgia churches to split […]

Dem doubles down on ‘spare me the bullsh*t’ remark on gun control: ‘No constitutional right is absolute’

(Video: CNN) Jaws across America dropped when sitting Representative David Cicil (D-R.I.) violated his oath to “support and defend the Constitution” and spat out the words, “spare […]

Photo of trans cyclists kissing on winners podium goes viral: ‘Tells story of gender ideology perfectly’

A photo capturing two biological males kissing on the winner’s podium after finishing 1st and 2nd in a women’s race managed to perfectly encapsulate the controversy now […]

WaPo editor’s admonishment to ‘treat each other with respect and kindness’ triggers even more messy Twitter feuds among snarky staff

A silly je, retweeted by a Washington Post political reporter, has sparked a slew of on feuds among WaPo staffers and forced a good talking to […]

KY deputy shot and killed after allowing suspect in custody to smoke a cigarette

The kindness displayed by law enforcement in Kentucky toward a suspect ended up costing a sheriff’s deputy his life when a suspect produced a hidden gun and […]

Update on Calif teen who mowed down mom with infant reveals unthinkable details

The story of a then 16-year-old California teen plowing into a mother and her infant son in a stolen car only seems to get worse as […]

Biden admin may relax Trump-era China tariffs in bid to ease inflation, commerce secretary says

(Video: CNN) Desperately searching for effective answers to the inflation crisis gripping the nation, the Biden administration is reportedly considering rela tariffs on China that were imposed […]

Best political cartoons: Gun removed, problem solved?

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

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