Stepmom of teen killed at school founded by LeBron James is desperate for accountability

(Video: WEWS) A heartbren Ohio mother to to social media to repeatedly beg for help in identifying the killers responsible for beating her 17-year-old stepson to death […]

Poll shows 76% of New Yorkers concerned they’ll become victim of violent crime, latest atrocity indicates why

With violent crime rates continuing to escalate throughout New York City, a new poll found if there had been a grace period for Mayor Eric Adams (D), […]

Las Vegas call girl featured in Hunter Biden’s laptop got $20K PPP stimulus check

It seems everything — and possibly everyone — Hunter Biden touches becomes as corrupt as he appears to be… The first son was back in the news […]

Obama comms director frets over size and scope of conservative media that ‘dwarfs’ progressive counterparts

Though they may often lack intellectual honesty and sincere moral principles let it never be said that Democrats lack chutzpah, because that is essentially what it takes […]

Coalition of taxpayer-funded transgender orgs reveal deeper motives, demand reparations: ‘Pay that money now’

Much like recent drag shows for kids showed the desires of radical activists to indoctrinate the youth, a discussion held by a panel of taxpayer-funded trangender activists […]

Who’s in, who’s out? New CNN chief reportedly monitoring talent unable to adapt to neutral direction

It comes as no surprise that amid reports of the possibility of ousting partisan talent at CNN, Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta are among the first names […]

Mother of Hunter love child slams POTUS for not providing security over alleged threats: ‘I am scared’

President Joe Biden has often gone on record about the “ and pride for his grandchildren,” but after a threat posed a potential risk to the life […]

Kid Rock owns his infamous Oprah rant: ‘A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts’

Rock icon Kid Rock is not apologizing for a profanity-laced attack on Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar at his honky-tonk bar in downtown Nashville. “A drunk man’s […]

CNN senior data reporter predicts GOP House takeover will put them in ‘best position… in over 80 years’

(Video: CNN) CNN’s Harry Enten, the network’s senior data reporter, has some crushing news for Democrats heading into the midterms. Enten predicted that the Republican Party will […]

Florida Dem ripped for touting ‘MAJOR victory’ after Soros-backed group buys 18 Spanish radio stations

A Florida Democrat may have been a little too liberal in the application of the term “we” as he touted the purchase of “18 major Spanish-language stations.” […]

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