New whistleblower docs shed damning new light on purpose of ‘disinformation board’, destroy DHS claims

With the help of newly disclosed whistleblower documents, Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Josh Hawley (Mo.) have destroyed the testimony of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) […]

‘A footnote?!’ Front pages of major rags after Kavanaugh murder threat say A LOT about legacy media

While many conservative Americans have gotten used to mainstream media either downplaying real stories, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, or amplifying fake ones, such as the Russia […]

‘Nobody is in danger’: Pelosi snaps at reporter over stalled bill to protect SCOTUS justices

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter Thursday when pressed about her refusal to fast-track a bill that would fund security for Supreme Court justices’ families […]

Frustrated renters pushed out of NYC market as median prices soar: ‘It’s too damn high!’

As if soaring crime, skyrocketing gas prices, and food shortages aren’t enough, residents of New York City are facing record-breaking rent, with the median price of rent […]

Tragic news of aircraft crash killing four Marines sparks concern and conspiracy

A military aircraft was confirmed to have crashed in California near the Mexico border with five Marines on board, four of whom are reported to be dead. […]

Ron DeSantis tears into media after hit piece against press sec Christina Pushaw: Your lies only embolden us

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to a Washington Post hit piece on his well-recognized press secretary, Christina Pushaw, by telling the paper’s reporters that neither he, his […]

Biden nominee gives troubling non-answers when grilled on her lenient penalty stance for child porn offenders

Sen. Josh Hawley on Wednesday slammed President Joe Biden’s latest nominee for having signed a letter in 2013 that argued that the sentencing guiines for child porn […]

Ex-Clinton advisor with Epstein ties found hanging from a tree with shotgun blast to chest, classified a suicide

Yet another associate of former President Bill Clinton has died young under wildly suspicious circumstances — this one, with direct ties to the also-deceased Jeffrey Epstein. Mark […]

Screaming pro-abortion activist tackled and slapped by police after rushing Biden motorcade

Secret Service was not messing around when a female protestor barreled toward President Joe Biden’s motorcade armed with a megaphone and her opinions. During a visit to […]

Five House Republicans break with party on gun reform

Five outgoing House “Republicans” all bre with the GOP on Wednesday and voted in support of a sweeping gun control package that would “say when you can […]

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