Illinois police say Volkswagen refused to help track stolen car with abducted toddler inside until fee paid

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s office, Volkswagen refused to help police search for an abducted two-year-old in a stolen Atlas SUV until someone forked over an […]

Ronna McDaniel assures Dana Bash that Trump will pledge to support eventual 2024 GOP nominee

Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel argued during a CNN discussion this Sunday that President Donald Trump would support the 2024 GOP presidential nominee even if it […]

White House quick to dispute WSJ bombshell: No ‘definitive answer’ on COVID lab leak

The White House was keen to issue a takedown on what was purported to be one of President Joe Biden’s own agencies announcing its stance on the […]

Elon Musk hits back after Ralph Nader dumps on his business skills: ‘You are lying – shame on you!’

An attempt by four-time independent failed presidential candidate Ralph Nader to talk some trash about Tesla, SpaceX, and boss Elon Musk backfired mightily. Made on Friday, […]

‘Everything is mystical’: Mexican president posts photo of what he claims is mythical woodland elf

Well, here’s one we bet you didn’t have on your 2023 Bingo card. The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, posted to what he claims […]

Brittney Griner, wife get standing ovation at NAACP awards show

WNBA center Brittney Griner is likely recognized for her stint in a Russian prison than her decade as a professional basketball player and on Saturday the […]

Tim Scott: Dems ‘working on a blueprint on how to ruin America,’ peddling a ‘narcotic of despair’

Senator Tim Scott had strong words for the modern incarnation of the Democratic party, accusing what many feel has become an extremist political entity since its takeover […]

‘One pill will kill’: Florida AG warns of ‘Frankenstein’ opioid 40 times more potent than fentanyl

Florida’s Attorney General, Republican Ashley Moody, is calling on her state to add a frightening new “Frankenstein” opioid that is reportedly 40 times potent than fentanyl […]

South Carolina lawmaker proposes ‘Yankee tax’ for northerners fleeing Dem-run states

As northerners continue to flee blue state tyrannies and ever-increasing financial burdens a South Carolina lawmaker proposed a way for The Palmetto State to take advantage of […]

Turns out, Biden admin IS coming for your gas stove

Contrary to the insistence by the Biden regime and its stooges in the media that the banning of gas stoves is just another right-wing conspiracy theory, the […]

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