Steve Bannon SWATTED during live show covering big Biden bombshells: ‘Honey badger don’t give a sh*t’

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon’s home where he conducts his WarRoom podcast was swatted again on Thursday after false reports of a shooting were called into […]

St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner declines to charge Cinco De Mayo shooting suspect, despite photos

Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner may be on her way out of the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office for allegedly refusing “to do her job,” but that hasn’t […]

‘End white supremacy!’ HS students walk out to protest teacher who warned they were being indoctrinated

A group of disgruntled Kansas high school students staged a walkout Wednesday to protest one of their teacher’s opposition to the school district’s racial essentialist agenda, as […]

GOP Rep Byron Donalds makes mincemeat of CNN hosts’ desperate for damage control

Already under fire from leftists over having platformed former President Donald Trump for a town hall, CNN is now facing backlash from conservatives over the town hall […]

‘Keep crying you chump’: Dan Bongino takes no prisoners in Twitter war with Stephen King

Conservative Dan Bongino got into it with leftist author Stephen King who to a potshot at the conservative and then got nailed for it with fire as […]

Troubling drone footage reveals massive scale of migrant influx, children nearly drowning, sea of tents and trash

Video footage recorded along the southern U.S. border shows just how much of an invasion by illegal aliens America faces now that Title 42 is about to […]

DHS plans training for ‘bystanders’ to target ‘radicalized’ pro-life advocates and conspiracy theorists, FOI docs show

From the first days of Joe Biden’s presidency, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) saw Americans with conservative values […]

Artists sue AI generators over ‘scraping’ of creative works to train image bots: ‘Industrial-level identity theft’

San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Karla Ortiz has filed a lawsuit against artificial intelligence generators for “scraping” her work from the internet and using it to train […]

Biden DHS allegedly facilitating the ‘controlled flow’ of migrants into US via encrypted communications with Mexico

As the end to Title 42 draws alarmingly close, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is allegedly using an encrypted channel to communicate with unarmed Mexican […]

Calif reparations committee demands formal apology for term made popular by Ronald Reagan

California’s reparations task force not only wants billions in reparations, it is also demanding a formal apology for former President Ronald Reagan coining the term “welfare queen” […]

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