Matteo: DEI — disingenuousness, exclusion and insanity

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a multi-billion dollar industry in America that, unlike, most businesses […]

Abbott’s floating border barriers designed to halt flow of illegal immigrants draws liberal outrage, lawsuit

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) deployed his latest effort to defend the border from unchecked illegal crossings only to be promptly met with outrage and a lawsuit. […]

Video captures pedophile dragging suitcase holding kidnapped 12-yr-old girl inside to his apartment

Just as the mainstream media is dedicating loads of time and energy to discredit “The Sound of Freedom,” a film about child sex trafficking that beat out […]

Transgender madness: Biological male crowned Miss Netherlands 2023, will compete for Miss Universe

In the latest example of the transgender madness that has taken root in Western culture both at home and abroad, a dude was just crowned as Miss […]

Planned Parenthood offers $150 gift card, free lunch to lure teens to week-long ‘sex ed summer camp’

Planned Parenthood is reportedly “so desperate” to talk to children about sex that they’re now paying kids to attend a “sex ed” summer camp. No je. Last […]

Special needs teacher fired for OnlyFans side hustle says school district subscribed at taxpayer expense

A Canadian special needs teacher’s scantily clad side hustle garnered her a pink slip, but her supposed “egregious” on activity left her with allegations of her own […]

Socialist mayor of South Fulton, Ga., hopes his arrest for trespassing, burglary will ‘highlight inequities’

A left-wing Georgia mayor is in hot water after he was arrested for entering a house not belonging to him that he claimed that he believed was […]

NBC takes climate panic porn to new heights, claims southern US may become ‘uninhabitable for humans’

If there is one thing we Americans have learned over the past few years, it’s that liberals panic porn — especially when it involves the weather. […]

Ben Crump, Jesse Jackson set their sights on Chicago Public Schools over removal of black principles

Race-hustling attorney Ben Crump is back in the spotlight for defending three black former Chicago principals who were removed for unclear reasons. “Abdule Muhammad was the principal […]

Scooter-riding maniac guns down random victims in NYC shooting spree, kills 87-year-old man

An elderly man died after a scooter-riding gunman went on a shooting spree in New York City Saturday as police explored the possibility the suspect used a […]

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