Biden admin missed TWO opportunities to stop Kabul bombing that cost 13 US troops their lives, book claims

A new bo out Tuesday shakes the Biden administration’s narrative with damning information about what happened during the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal, laying the blame on the president […]

Sports anchor Sage Steele sticks it to ESPN one last time following lawsuit settlement

The lasting struggle to right the wrongs committed in the name of The Science™ marked another apparent victory with an ESPN lawsuit settlement related to First Amendment […]

Visiting Aussie girl calls down the thunder when she complains, ‘There’s too many American flags’

An Australian woman visiting the United States was driven to ete her TikT account after she felt compelled to post a video complaining about the display of […]

‘So sick of this’: Entitled girl pulls race card on Target employee for stopping her flash mob, but few are buying it

With the mainstreaming of critical race theory, the Marxist-inspired toxic concept declaring all white people are inherently racist and all black people are oppressed, it doesn’t take […]

Trump atty calls out Doocy in tense exchange over GA indictment: ‘You used to love Trump … I gotta tell ya!’

Trump attorney Alina Habba bluntly called out “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy as he questioned her about the former president’s fourth indictment, noting aloud that he […]

Here are some of the everyday actions that could get you arrested according to critics of latest Trump indictment…

The finer points of former President Donald Trump’s latest indictment appear to go a long way to make even “being alive” seem criminal to support a conspiracy […]

‘Complete exoneration!’ Trump announces time ‘irrefutable report’ will drop on alleged election fraud in Georgia

Donald Trump to to his Social platform Tuesday to declare that an “irrefutable report” will drop next week on alleged election fraud in Georgia that “should” […]

Never-Trumper David French vilifies growing number of young, right-wing men, conveniently omits KEY detail

The incessant whining and smearing from the left voicing hatred for young, white right-wing men is neverending, and no one is tedious or bleat-worthy than Never-Trumper, […]

Dunkin’ employee dishes on where their beloved donuts come from

While America may run on Dunkin’, an employee is dishing on how his store runs when it comes to where they get their donuts. Amir Mohamed, who […]

Matteo: Refund the police

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Several years ago the knee-jerk reaction that was the result of isolated incidents (namely George Floyd, […]

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