Democrat ICON passes away – Clinton legacy rocked…

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has passed on, ending the Clinton-era Democratic Party while a new radical socialist brand of Democrats has grabbed power to take […]

Jeffrey Epstein took $100+ MILLION from a mysterious source

Details of than $150 million in payments made to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein remain clouded amidst a Senate probe of the billionaire source. In 2021, […]

Matteo: The illogical world of liberal lies

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. On a recent episode of The View, (I only saw the clip, as I would have […]

U.S. Senator’s staffer was ASSAULTED – attacker gets unlikely order from court

The violently unstable man who attacked and repeatedly stabbed Senator Rand Paul’s staffer in Washington, D.C. is unbelievably being moved to the city’s psychiatric hospital Friday. (Video […]

‘A scene out of VEEP’: Energy Secretary Granholm’s summer EV road trip hit some hilarious bumps

When Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm departed in a caravan of electric vehicles on a four-day “People Powered EV Summer Road Trip” in June, the journey was meant […]

Biden infuriates 9/11 families as first POTUS to blow off Ground Zero ceremonies; sends VP Harris to sub

President Biden infuriated 9/11 families when he became the first president to not attend Ground Zero ceremonies in honor of those fallen or even hold a memorial […]

Burbank mayor RAGES after being outed for letting a drag queen paddle him at event open to kids

A California mayor seeking higher office earned a virtual flogging to match the literal one Libs of TikT exposed courtesy of a drag queen hosted campaign event […]

New GOP ‘winner take all’ delegate rule in California promises showdown between Trump, DeSantis

This month, just days after the second GOP presidential primary debate is set to take place at California’s Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Golden State’s Republican Party […]

‘I own this choice’: Drew Barrymore has had it with writers’ strike, says her show will return

One hundred and thirty days into the never-ending Writers’ Guild strike, actress and talk show host Drew Barry has had enough and is announcing the return of […]

Miami school district, third-largest in nation, votes to NOT recognize LGBTQ+ History Month

The weight of Florida’s fight against leftist indoctrination was felt in the nation’s third-largest school district as a measure for yet another virtue-signaling block on the calendar […]

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