Mass influx at border pre-planned with ‘mysterious hands’ providing GPS coordinates: report

A pre-planned, organized mass influx at the border is taking place, with someone reportedly providing illegal immigrants GPS coordinates, guiding them at night so they can cross […]

Tom Cotton rips Biden over Iran: ‘When we hit back, it’s almost always at empty proxy warehouses’

The president’s kid-gs approach to enemies in the Middle East was ripped by a conservative senator fearing a “mass casualty attack” on our forces if we fall […]

Taliban behind suicide bomb attack on troops

At least two Pakistani civilians are dead and 10 others– including three Pakistani soldiers — have been injured after a suicide bomber hit a military convoy in […]

Brian Kilmeade blasts pro-Palestine ‘idiots’ blocking NYC traffic: ‘I have things to do’

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade tore into pro-Palestinian protesters in New York City who brought traffic on the Manhattan Bridge to a standstill Sunday.  (Video […]

Polls show Ron DeSantis’ wife could jump into politics herself

Researchers just made a surprising discovery in a new poll that shows Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey, is gaining large support to run for political office herself. […]

Key DNA evidence ‘lost’ by Secret Service

Pinpointing the culprit behind cocaine left at the White House quite literally hinged on locating a “key” piece of evidence “reported lost.” The same two-tiered system of […]

Sarcasm or slip-ups? Trump addresses referring to Biden as ‘Obama,’ touts cognitive ability

Conservatives have long made much of President Biden’s age and apparent cognitive dec, but in recent weeks, the left has tried to level the same argument against […]

Hundreds of illegal aliens bunking down at San Diego airport after being released by Border Patrol

The unaddressed border crisis added a new normal for travelers as hundreds of illegal aliens were encountered at a California airport sleeping in a terminal. (Video: KSWB) […]

Christina Pushaw details theory on why Roger Stone is ‘so mad at Ron DeSantis’

The firestorm sparked by Roger Stone’s controversial swipe at Casey DeSantis is still smoldering on social media, and Ron DeSantis’s rapid response director thinks she knows what’s […]

Arkansas bishop dubbed a ‘squatter’ refuses to vacate church after FOUR years

Rampant squatting is not just a homeowner crisis as an Arkansas church has been in a years-long dispute with a bishop allegedly refusing to leave. In Crossett, […]

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