Five rental vehicles used by Biden’s secret service burst into flames after Nantucket vacation

Cue the conspiracy theories or Karma after five rental vehicles that were used by the Secret Service while President Biden spent Thanksgiving vacation in Nantucket burst into […]

Facing growing opposition Ronna McDaniel creates Trump-friendly panel to chart a new course

The Republican base was left understandably displeased with the outcome of the midterms and as calls to see heads roll for failure to iver a resounding big […]

Judge rules that Devin Nunes’ defamation lawsuit over Rachel Maddow remarks can proceed

A District Court judge for the Southern District of New York has ruled that former Congressman Devin Nunes’ defamation lawsuit against NBCUniversal over an alleged relationship with […]

‘Sorry about that’: Joy Behar forced to apologize after getting Justice Coney Barrett slam so very wrong

Joy Behar of “The View” apologized Tuesday for spreading misinformation, a day after she accused Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett of belonging to a religious “hate […]

Jessie James Decker slams critics claiming she photoshopped her kids’ abs: ‘Be accepting of all people’

Country singer Jessie James Decker is deeply offended by those bizarrely claiming that she photoshopped her children’s ripped abs in a picture taken on their vacation in […]

Long-time House Dem accused of soliciting expensive Met Gala tickets in ethics probe

Redistricting has led to the end of Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s (D-NY) roughly 40 years as an elected official, with almost three decades in the House of Representatives, […]

College grad received cult deprogramming after woke education, ‘diversity of opinion was never allowed’

American colleges have become so liberal that they require cult-like intervention to deprogram graduates from the destructive we idealism that often alienates them from friends and family, […]

Laura Ingraham calls out those ‘complicit’ in enabling China’s ‘slave state’

As the people of China are yet again forced to endure oppressive lockdowns and Covid-19-related restrictions, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is calling out the regime’s enablers. Massive […]

‘This is messed up’: Elon Musk responds to White House and press media machine

For the media, one would think that the First Amendment is non-negotiable. But as billionaire CEO Elon Musk recently figured out, not all freedoms are equal […]

California plummets in state conservative rankings according to study, 4th most liberal state in the union

A study from the Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA) has found that conservatives are basically an endangered species in California with it now ranking as the fourth […]

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