Kamala accidentally tells the truth that ‘Bidenomics’ stinks for ‘most Americans’

Vice President Kamala Harris served up another one of her growing collection of gaffes and this time it was a doozy as she accidentally let it slip that Americans are struggling amid an ongoing propaganda campaign to gaslight the public over her boss’s miserable economic performance.

President Joe Biden may be able to survive a mushrooming bribery and corruption scandal and questions about his advanced age to retain control of the White House but if the real kitchen table issues that affect ordinary Americans become the focus, his goose will likely be cooked. This is why the spinmeisters have been working overtime to gaslight voters into believing that “Bidenomics” means a prosperous time in the land of plenty despite the exact opposite.

On Friday, Harris shifted gears from telling the big lie about Florida’s new teaching standards and slavery to the truth about the economic situation when, during remarks at a reproductive rights forum in Iowa, she acknowledged the precarious situation that the majority of people face at a time of crushing prices for such essentials as food, energy, and housing when a sudden expense could bring disaster.

“Most Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy,” Harris said.

Her viral remark came during a discussion about how Iowa women who wish to deprive their unborn children of the right to life would be faced with a difficult situation if the state’s new abortion bill is allowed to go into effect and expectant mothers are forced to travel to another state to terminate their pregnancies.

“If she is a single parent, she’s going to have to be able to pay for that childcare,” the veep said. “She’s going to lose time for work. Maybe she has paid family leave. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she has paid sick leave. Maybe she doesn’t. She will have to be able to pay for a plane, train, bus, gas. Most Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy.”

Twitter users pounced on the reality of Bidenomics without the sugarcoating to obscure the fact that every trip to the grocery store has become a painful experience that strains household budgets with inflation eating away at purchasing power.

“Yeah, that’s called Bidenomics and it’s a problem,” Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) tweeted. “Americans have lost $10,000 in spending power because of the Biden-Harris agenda.”

Other reactions to Harris’s inadvertent truth-telling:

Earlier this month, Harris took to Twitter to tout the wondrous “Bidenomics.”

Despite embracing a term that was initially used in a derisive manner as its new buzzword, the White House may soon regret owning it, with gas prices spiking again and the ability to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease the pain at the pump no longer being a realistic option after Biden bled them down to stave off deep Democrat losses in last year’s midterm elections.

Harris may want to stick to lying about Florida teaching that slaves benefited from their time on the plantation.

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Chris Donaldson


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