Tucker Carlson excoriates Michael Steele over his warped interpretation of ‘free speech’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with a focus on the “Twitter Files” revealed on Friday night, declaring that as a result, “the First Amendment has been violated more profoundly than at any time in our lives.”

Carlson highlighted remarks from MSNBC contributor Michael Steele, who was, incredibly, once the chairman of the Republican National Committee — whoever facilitated that move should be identified and promptly removed from the party —  in furtherance of that claim.

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“The main thing that we learned last Friday night with the release of those previously undisclosed documents from Twitter, is not that social media companies censor conservatives,” Carlson said to open the show. “Obviously, we knew that. No one’s surprised to have it confirmed. No one denied it in the first place. No.”

“What we learned on Friday is that Big Tech works aggressively and in secret with government agencies to subvert the outcome of what the rest of us assumed were free and fair elections,” he continued. “During the 2020 election, Twitter did this with the help of the FBI, committing censorship on behalf of one candidate while working to hurt the other candidate. It is hard to imagine a more brazen attack on our democracy than this. This is not how our system is supposed to work. In fact, it’s illegal.”

The Fox News host said that what Twitter did was “a violation of the First Amendment as well as of established campaign finance law,” considering their efforts were a contribution to the Biden campaign.

He called attention to the legacy media ignoring the story entirely, running a clip of various Democratic water carriers on cable TV essential condoning “illegal censorship in a presidential campaign.”

After suggesting that few rational people buy the media propaganda, Carlson then turned to Steele’s remarks, saying he was “letting you know that actually revealing the mechanics of censorship is itself an attack on free speech.”

“Putting those things back on the platform, juxtapositioned with the argument that he’s all about free speech, really undermines some of the central tenets of free speech,” Steele said of Elon Musk, in the clip played. “It is about, yes, the freedom of you to say things, but not at the harm or expense of someone else. And so when you’re perpetuating lies and so forth, you’re really kind of laughing in the face of this idea of what the platform he claims is supposed to be.”

After pointing out that “juxtapositioned” is not a word, Carlson explained how Steele’s words violate the U.S. Constitution.

“So any day you get to see Michael Steele misuse the words juxtaposition, obviously, it’s a good day. But the payoff really was his little lecture on constitutional law, the essential tenet of free speech, Michael Steele just told you. The essential tenet is that you, as an American citizen, are never allowed to say things that other people object to.” Carlson said. “Okay, Michael Steele. If you get a chance, let us know what constitution you’ve been reading. The one that we have here in the US is pretty clear.”

“In the United States, you get to say, as an American citizen, what you believe. Period,” he concluded. “And under no circumstances ever may the government infringe on that right. Period. Again, that’s the First Amendment.”

Tom Tillison


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