White ‘Lion King’ sign-language interpreter takes legal action, claims he was ousted due to skin color

An experienced sign-language interpreter has filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court after he was allegedly canceled from a fill-in gig with the Broadway version of the […]

US men’s national soccer team crest adopts rainbow hues in support of LGBTQ+ community

The United States men’s national soccer team unveiled new uniforms for the World Cup, changing the patriotic red stripes in their crest to rainbow hues in support […]

ADL slams Chappelle monologue: ‘Disturbing’ for SNL to ‘not just normalize, but popularize’ anti-semitism

The Anti-Defamation League attacked “Saturday Night Live” over comedian Dave Chappelle’s opening monologue while hosting the show, ivering a scathing rebuke because he referenced rapper Kanye West’s […]

Kevin Costner talks personal politics as ‘Yellowstone’ returns for Season 5: ‘I’m disappointed’

Paramount’s hit drama ‘Yellowstone’ is back, resuming its fifth season with a turn towards the political. Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, has been patiently waiting on the […]

Lara Trump warns DeSantis ‘those primaries get very messy,’ says it’s best to ‘wait until 2028’

In a Sunday interview with Australia’s conservative outlet Sky News, Lara Trump played the heavy who issued a warning to Florida’s Republican governor. “I think that Ron […]

Study reveals myocarditis risk up to 3 times higher with Moderna COVID-19 vaccine than with Pfizer

A new study from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) found that cases of myocarditis after an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine were two-to-three times higher after a second […]

Abortion access for unaccompanied migrant youth ensured by Biden admin at US taxpayer expense

The Biden administration released guidance Thursday ensuring abortions for illegal migrant youth at the expense of American taxpayers, even if it means transferring them across state s, […]

Frank Luntz risks muscle pull in reaching to explain his disastrous midterm predictions

Frank Luntz, a pollster who worked with Republicans for years, grovelingly attempted to explain to a CNN panel of leftists on Monday his disastrous midterm predictions, where […]

‘The country is at stake!’ Tammy Bruce tells GOP to stop ‘moping’ over midterms

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce says the Republican Party should acknowledge several important takeaways from their underperformance in the 2022 midterms and, in the meantime, stop acting […]

White House intervenes when Chinese aide allegedly manhandles U.S. producer inquiring on human rights

Whenever President Joe Biden ventures abroad, drama seems to follow him, and the G20 summit in Bali is no exception — though this time, surprisingly, Biden isn’t […]

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