‘Holding a gun next to my head’: Omar rips McCarthy, GOP for ‘Islamophobia’ over committee assignments

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has vowed to make good on his promises of removing problematic Democrats from committee assignments if he becomes Speaker of the […]

Off-duty VT deputy involved in earlier gun battle shot by police after refusing to drop gun

Cops in upstate New York shot an allegedly noncompliant, off-duty Vermont sheriff’s deputy multiple times in the early hours of Sunday morning. The deputy reportedly got into […]

‘My firstborn child died in my arms’: Musk explains why Alex Jones gets ‘no mercy’ on Twitter ban

Billionaire Elon Musk’s self-touted reputation as a free speech absolutist may be in question as he expanded on his flat “no” regarding a return of podcaster Alex […]

AZ police seized $40K from trucking boss seeking to buy new rig, claim without evidence it’s drug money

Imagine, for a moment, that you own a trucking company, and you’ve headed to an out-of-state auction, cash in hand, to purchase a new rig. Suddenly, during […]

Elon Musk shares risqué meme enticing Trump back on Twitter; Schwarzenegger says 45 reps ‘the past’

CEO Elon Musk humorously enticed former President Trump back to his social media platform Sunday, after having his initial invitation rejected, using hilarious memes taking aim […]

Biden quick to call for ban on ‘weapons of war’ after CO Springs nightclub shooting

And yet another cycle of utilizing tragedy to enact policy changes begins. One day after the devastating events in Colorado Springs, Colorado, President Joe Biden released a […]

‘The right wing hates women’: Fetterman’s bitter wife lashes out at critics who call her a puppeteer

Gisele Fetterman, calling herself a strong woman, is not amused by accusations that she is pulling her stre-injured husband’s strings. Senator-elect John Fetterman is obviously not going […]

Balenciaga’s moralistic Twitter exit coincides with its ads featuring little girls and BDSM teddy bears

Designer brand Balenciaga may have left as part of a leftist group-think protest against Elon Musk’s approach to his now privately owned social media company, but […]

English headmistress says the secret to success is acting, working like a woman not a man

While educators in America are struggling to figure out what a woman is, a leading headmistress in England is encouraging people to tap into their feminine “soft […]

First Iranian soccer player publicly supports protests at World Cup: ‘We are with them, we support them’

In a courageous and perilous move, Iranian World Cup player Ehsan Hajsafi has publicly come out in support of anti-government protesters in his country, asserting that soccer […]

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