Goldman Sachs lawyers dispute details of sex and cruelty on Wall Street told in new shocking memoir

Goldman Sachs trades in unimaginable amounts of money for its wealthy clientele, but according to a former high-level employee, it trades in than that inside its […]

Pelosi blames MAGA Republicans, says ‘hate for transgenders’ caused Colorado nightclub shooting

While a motive has yet to be identified after a suspect reportedly opened fire at a Colorado nightclub killing five and injuring than 20 others, the […]

Judge rejects Jenn Psaki’s request to quash subpoena

U.S. Magistrate Ivan Davis rejected a request from former White House press secretary Jen Psaki to quash a subpoena for her testimony in a case alleging the […]

Megyn Kelly slams ‘pathetic wokesters’ at CBS News after network resumes Twitter activity less than 48 hours after pausing

CBS News made a big production out of its silly protest of billionaire Elon Musk’s shakeup at , citing “security concerns” as a reason for pausing its […]

Colorado bar mass-shooter suspect being tied to ‘pro-MAGA California official,’ mom has called cops on him

As a first-hand account of the shooting at a Colorado night club early Sunday left one describing his experience as feeling “like a fish trapped in a […]

Disney fires woke CEO amid tanking shares, brings back ex-CEO Bob Iger in shocking shake-up

In what appears to be a stunning repudiation of we ideology, Disney has fired CEO Bob Chapek and reappointed former CEO Bob Iger after eleven months of […]

Al Sharpton’s non-profit doubles his salary to $650,000, forks out $1m for jets and limos

Rev. Al Sharpton is making big bucks through his National Action Network (NAN) charity as his salary nearly doubles, and spending on lavish private jets and limos […]

Lori Lightfoot’s ‘I’m sick of this s**t’ outrage over murders comes back like a boomerang!

A gunman killed five people and injured than 2 dozen at an LGBTQ nightclub Saturday night in Colorado Springs, Colo., and while the gunman was […]

McCarthy to remove Reps. Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff from House Intel Committee

While he still isn’t officially Speaker of the House yet, Rep. Kevin McCarthy has big plans once his party assumes its governing majority early next year and […]

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