Bob Chapek ‘undermined’ by former Disney head Bob Iger, ousted after clash with CFO: report

Amid tumbling stocks, political feuds, and the loss of billions of streaming dollars, it was a phone call from Disney’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) that ultimately proved […]

Dem battles DC party over city’s violent crime surge, woke criminal code revisions: ‘I call it a failure’

K. Denise Rucker Krepp, a Democrat elected as an advisory neighborhood commissioner in Washington D.C. says it’s “truly puzzling” that members of her own party in the […]

LA Mayor Karen Bass says answer to 40K homeless is ‘building housing everywhere’ – like it or not

It appears newly elected Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass plans to tackle her city’s homelessness crisis by building homes for every homeless resident, even if the home […]

‘I’ll let you know later’: Sen. Manchin dodges when asked about leaving Democratic Party

While Republicans remain at odds over the leadership of their party, Democrats may be worse for wear as members jump ship and with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) […]

Twitter suspends Colorado-based Antifa account that seemingly escaped FBI’s prying eyes

The latest suspension from Elon Musk’s 2.0 further called into question the degradation and politicization of federal agencies as satire got flagged while violent threats remained. […]

Disruptive ‘Walmart Karen’ felled like timber after demanding ‘respect’ from taser-wielding Texas cop

A disruptive “Walmart Karen” who reportedly trashed a Dallas Walmart learned the hard way that there’s no winning against the police. A video recording of the altercation […]

Pathologist slams coroner’s dismissal of toxicology findings in Idaho slayings: ‘Could learn a great deal’

The coroner assigned to the horrific murder of four University of Idaho students last month is under fire from a respected physician and board-certified pathologist for dismissing […]

‘Pitiful and shallow’: Hilarity ensues when MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin declares that he refuses to leave Twitter

An extremely left-wing MSNBC producer proved massive mockery when he tweeted on Saturday that he refuses “to leave” . “I refuse to leave,” MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin […]

Ronna McDaniel willing to debate challengers, but only in front of RNC members

Embattled Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, who is fighting off challengers to her leadership after a third disastrous election cycle, is refusing to engage in a […]

‘I’m back!’ My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell reinstated on Twitter – first tweet threatens to burn the joint down

Nearly two years since businessman Mike Linl was banned from , the MyPillow guy made his triumphant return to the social media platform Friday and didn’t hold […]

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