‘Media hacks’ at NBC mercilessly mocked for fretting Joe Biden’s ‘family man brand’ could be tarnished

NBC News hilariously claimed that President Biden’s “brand” is being “tested like never before,” asserting that it is Republicans who are to blame, not Biden’s unethical, grifting […]

Jemele Hill argues GOP lawmaker’s strict response to fake kidnapping claim is racist: ‘White women continually lie…’

A race-hustling former ESPN personality got herself trending after cherry-picking preferred fault with legislation proposed in the wake of a kidnapping hoax. Loing at the world through […]

Men armed with rifles, body armor captured on camera crossing southern border into US

With the number of illegal immigrants who’ve crossed into the United States well north of 6 million in just over two and a half years under President […]

‘You’ve become insufferable’: Brit Hume reamed for snarking about ‘failed president’ Trump

Conservative Charlie Kirk clapped back hard against Fox News commentator Brit Hume for viciously claiming former President Trump was a “failed president.” The clash between the two […]

Former officer involved in George Floyd arrest gets 5 YEARS, judge chastises him for ‘preaching’ Christianity

Endless sanctimony continued as an officer was sentenced for failing “to save George Floyd” while elsewhere, thought police were swift to punish opinions on the matter. On […]

Gold Star mom says she shook with anger when Biden told her his son came ‘home in a flag-draped coffin’

Gold Star mom Cheryl Rex, the mother of Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola, eviscerated President Biden Monday as she gave an emotional dress-down to the commander-in-chief. The 20-year-old […]

PC to wokeness… What’s next?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. In the early 1990’s I co-authored a bo titled: The Politically Incorrect Jebo written by 4 […]

‘Flustered’ rapper Eminem targets Trump’s ‘brainwashed’ base, says nothing ‘great’ is going to happen

Eminem, aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III, targeted former President Donald Trump in a video making the rounds this week on — or, to be fair, the […]

‘It’s extortion’: Former federal prosecutor accuses ‘obstructionists’ in DOJ of trying to flip Trump ally

A former federal prosecutor slammed the Justice Department for “extortion” over alleged efforts to influence the attorney of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendant along with other “shenanigans.” […]

Porsche apologizes for editing out giant Jesus statue, scrambles to release new ad

German automaker Porsche scrambled to release a new version of an ad after coming under fire for editing out a statue of Jesus Christ in the original […]

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