Who is Florida’s better candidate for president? The governor or the mayor?

As Gov. Ron DeSantis grapples with the reality of being a national candidate for president, a “wave” is rising from South Florida where another 2024 contender is […]

‘Something’s not right’: Calls of a ‘cover up’ explode when Garland appoints special counsel in Hunter probe

Attorney General Merrick Garland cemented America’s new banana republic by appointing US Attorney David Weiss as the special counsel overseeing the probe into Hunter Biden’s corruption. (Video […]

Cancel culture comes for Woody Harrelson after rocking a ‘Kennedy 2024’ cap

Iconic actor Woody Harrelson did the unthinkable in the eyes of many on the left when he posed for a photo with Curb Your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl […]

Tapper: Sure, Biden payments may have been ‘sleazy’ but that’s just how Washington works

CNN anchor Jake Tapper admitted that Biden family money revelations were “sleazy” but dismissed them out of hand because he claimed they didn’t do anything criminal and […]

Rob Lowe dishes on ‘abusive’ relationship with ‘West Wing’ and why he left: ‘Best thing I ever did’

Actor Rob Lowe claims that leaving his role on “The West Wing” was the best thing he ever did and called it an “abusive” relationship where he […]

Virginia university named in part after General Robert E. Lee remove tributes to his legendary horse Traveller

Americans are, sadly, getting used to the we mob’s attempts at erasing the country’s history, but Virginia’s Washington & Lee University may have just taken the hysteria […]

Biographer says Obama hoped he’d never read letters to his ex-girlfriend; Michelle transformed since Chicago

Obama biographer David Garrow revealed in a stunning interview this week that former President Barack Hussein Obama once told him that he hoped he, Garrow, never read […]

Things are a little awkward at the empty Budweiser tent amid jam-packed Sturgis

The holding power of the boycott against Bud Light is proving to be remarkable, a rarity among right-of-center actions taken over the years. Lo no further than […]

‘Fast & Furious’ star sues Home Depot for alleged racial profiling following dispute where he calls manager ‘Karen’

Tyrese Gibson, star of the hit Hollywood franchise, “Fast and Furious,” is suing Home Depot for alleged “racial profiling.” According to the $1 million lawsuit, the actor […]

‘Never thought I’d quote Bill Clinton’: Hannity frets GOP is too restrictive on abortion

Count Fox News host Sean Hannity among those who believe that Republicans may have gotten too strict on abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning […]

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