Matteo: Revisionist history is not history

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. As someone who has taught history for many years, I have witnessed decades of so-called educators […]

Epstein trove RELEASE bombshell – government backs it up!

There is a confirmed trove of sensitive files concerning Prince Andrew’s relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the UK government has just sealed it until 2065. The […]

Clinton ‘LETTER’ details unearthed – the message was clear

An alleged private letter by Hillary Clinton sent to the producers of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” has just come to light and it shows how much power […]

New WSJ poll shows supermajority of DEMOCRATS say Biden is too old to run

A new poll found that advanced age may well play a factor in the 2024 presidential election and two-thirds of one candidate’s own party agreed. Despite launching […]

Troops DEPLOYED on U.S. soil – Democrat governor goes off the rails!

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey is responding to an influx of migrants in her state by calling in the troops. The Democrat has joined others in her party […]

Florida teen charged in fatal shooting of man, 6-year-old girl flashes BIG GRIN during perp walk

A grinning Florida 15-year-old named Nico Brown was arrested on Saturday after allegedly murdering a 19-year-old man and a 6-year-old girl in a drive-by shooting. (Video Credit: […]

Netanyahu calls for ‘immediate expulsion’ of illegal African migrants rioting in Tel Aviv

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the mass deportation of illegal African immigrants on Sunday following massive brawls and violence in Tel Aviv. He convened a special […]

The Atlantic’s Franklin Foer claims media coverage of Biden ‘tougher than he deserves’

The kid gs from the media haven’t been soft enough for President Joe Biden as one author expressed his belief coverage has been “tougher than he deserves.” […]

Mitt Romney silence on 2024 plans no factor for potential GOP challengers

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has yet to declare whether he will be running for reelection in 2024, even as a number of potential rivals are publicly pondering […]

DeSantis shreds Biden, media over ‘total catastrophe’ in Maui: ‘Do you trust the federal government?’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lambasted both President Biden and the media for largely ignoring the catastrophic Maui wildfire and Lahaina’s resultant mass graveyard. (Video Credit: Forbes Breaking […]

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