‘I am terrified’: NJ high school rocked when AI generated ‘nudes’ of female students is circulated

A New Jersey high school has been rocked by a new-age nude photos scandal involving artificial intelligence. According to The Wall Street Journal, a student or group […]

Feds allegedly toss J6er back in solitary after he posts this grateful message to his supporters

Shortly after Owen Shroyer was heard describing his “life on the outside” of solitary confinement, he was reportedly thrown back in. “Shroyer last week began his 60-day […]

‘I’m allowed to put my seat back!’ Passenger squabble over reclining coach seat sparks fierce debate

Another wild video from the inside of a plane has split social media on which passenger is in the right. The short clip is making the rounds […]

Murder suspect nearly kills Illinois officer during traffic stop, harrowing footage shows

Harrowing dash cam video footage showed the moment a man allegedly opened fire on an Illinois state trooper who nearly lost his life. “Authorities said Illinois State […]

Florida man confuses with ‘Booty Patrol’ truck featuring flashing lights, emblem; law enforcement not amused

A Florida driver whose truck has the words “BOOTY PATROL” written on its side has been accused of “impersonating law enforcement.” Of course, whether Gabriel Luviano, 18, […]

‘Makes sense now’: Dana Loesch has light bulb moment while SCHOOLING Gretchen Carlson about guns

Conservative pundit Dana Loesch shredded former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson over claims she made about guns, telling her she should stick to beauty pageants. “Ordinary people […]

Dems foiled as resolution to expel George Santos goes down in defeat

U.S. Rep. George Santos isn’t going anywhere as a resolution to expel him from the House of Representatives met a resounding defeat. Much to the dismay of […]

DC mayor launches ‘Big Brother’ tracking system in name of law and order

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is back-peddling on her soft-on-crime stance as fast as she can, now issuing free “Big Brother” digital tracking tags for cars in case […]

Dem governor accused of enjoying Taylor Swift concert and more expensive events on taxpayers’ dime

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy likes to go to stadium events. Problem is, the Democrat doesn’t like to pay for the glitzy outings, opting instead to charge […]

Arizona teacher in hot water after dressing as the devil, allegedly telling kids to ‘Hail Satan!’

An Arizona high school teacher stirred up a hornets’ nest after he dressed up as the devil and allegedly told his students to “Hail Satan!” in his […]

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