Ibram X. Kendi details ‘anger’ over his black daughter playing with a white doll

While progressive politicians, the corporate media, and powerful teachers’ unions have adamantly denied that critical race theory is getting pushed on children, one of the premiere peddlers […]

Forensic expert recovers 168,000 deleted files from Hunter Biden’s laptop, boosts authenticity

Throughout the ongoing saga of Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop, corporate media has appeared to be one of the first son’s greatest accomplices in covering up […]

Armed man arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home, suspect had sinister plan

Law enforcement confirmed on Wednesday that they made an overnight arrest of an armed man near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. According to officials, the unidentified […]

Christina Pushaw slams WaPo over 2020 dismissal of $5 gas prices: ‘Democracy dies when media lies’

One reason the public distrusts the corporate press is because the corporate press has, continues to, and will likely forever carry water for President Joe Biden. For […]

DeSantis signs sweeping school safety bill: ‘Every child needs a safe, secure learning environment’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping school safety bill that he hopes will ensure every child is granted “a safe and secure […]

Hillary’s dig at Fox for Jan 6 coverage did NOT go the way she expected

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to Twitter Tuesday to post what she probably thought was a clever swipe at Fox News, accusing them of supporting sedition. […]

Best political cartoons: Keep your eye on that one date!

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Thieves target grocery store just one mile from US Capitol as crime in DC skyrockets

Videos of robbers walking out of stores without paying for carts full of merchandise are becoming quite common lately, but watching thugs calmly steal from a grocery […]

White House peddles ‘crap’ that Americans are in a ‘better place’ financially than ever

Democrats are so accustomed to spinning their own truth about events with little to no pushback from the media, but the Biden White House is taking that […]

Zoo visitor gets too close, finds out how strong orangutans are

A video out of an Indonesian zoo captured a terrifying encounter between a risk-taking man and an orangutan after that man messed around and found out. The […]

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